Old Bus Tavern [3193 Mission St]

Five of us tried Old Bus Tavern this week. To me, a “tavern” isn’t nosebleed expensive. But anyway, some decent cocktails, some very fussy, tiny, but good food. We tried the majority of the menu and shared, since there were five of us. $18 burger (they don’t offer fries) was not on the menu that evening. Mezcal drink with watermelon and lime is great; mezcal drink with vanilla and cocoa nibs should be avoided at all costs. They were kind enough to take it off of the bill. They really need some cheaper wine-by-the-glass options, and I think they’re going to be guilted into it eventually. Two of us noted that our husbands would find the place ridiculously precious, including mine. (Mine, who is currently out of town, told me, “I knew I would hate it.”)

Wow. $18 burger. A little expensive even compared to many high end burgers. Was it good though?


Not on the menu that evening, as stated.

Did anyone in the party try any of the beers on tap?

I did have a Kalifornia Kolsch. Sorry to be unhelpful, but all of us are generally wine and cocktail drinkers (and I prefer sake over wine these days).