Old Bridge Asian Buffet, [Parlin, NJ]


Pan Asian buffet with indo-pak-chinese-thai food, sounds epic!! I will get my ass over asap. Anyone been?

No, but in general I’m skeptical about the quality of buffet food (though I will admit that Indo-Pak food usually survives better than Chinese).

However, “covering the whole Asian continent” is a bit of hyperbole: there is nothing Turkish, Middle Eastern, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, …

I been there, and I have to say, it’s not that bad. The food is authentic, with chefs from each cuisine. The place’s décor, and the service for the price you pay is exceptional. However I do recommend going on the weekend as the food would be fresher. I’m going again next Friday night.

What are their prices? Their web page has no indication.

I think i payed about $12-$13. It is quite different from the usual chinese buffet though; worth the experience.

I will definitely put on my “to-try” list… so this is near the Texas Roadhouse?

I think so.

@ycf04 yes it is right behind Texas Roadhouse in the strip mall. Never been but I’ve seen it and wondered.

Anyone know a place that is similar to this nearby?

Makkoli on Route 18 is sort of similar, but without the South Asian stuff.

I guess that depends on where nearby is and whether you’re just after buffets.

I was at Ichiban in Ocean on Rt 35 this weekend and had great beef and string beans and shrimp fried rice, my wife had a more than decent pad thai, and my daughter had excellent sushi.

I don’t think you can say a buffet is similar because it has 1/4 of another buffet’s menu… :smiley:

I’m pretty sure “Asian Buffet” is an Indian centric buffet. It sounds like even their Chinese offerings revolve around “Indo-Chinese” more than the American stuff.

Well, Rajpoot across the street has an Indian buffet for lunch, but it is very small.

The question is, what is meant by “similar”?

We went a couple of days ago for lunch. (Lunch during the week is $10.99, beverages extra. I don’t recall the other prices. Thursday is Senior Day, 15% off.)

The food stations are by category: Thai, Chinese vegetarian, Chinese non-vegetarian, Indian vegetarian, Indian non-vegetarian, salads/relishes, desserts, etc. There is no Japanese food.

We arrived about 1PM. There were a lot of empty spots on the stations, but also a lot of choices. The problem was that there were not many choices in each category, and most of them seemed to be fried. Fried food does not survive well on a steam table.

I tried mostly Indian food. The Paneer Tikka Masala (and the similar Chicken Tikka Masala) were good, but nothing special, and the rest of the choices were just okay. Nothing was very spicy, or even very flavorful. And nothing was hot–neither caliente nor picante.

Nothing Chinese looked particularly appetizing.

Warning: trying to eat a hard-boiled egg in curry with a fork and knife is liable to shoot some of it off the table and onto you and/or the floor. At least it did for me. :frowning:

If you absolutely have to have multiple dissimilar Asian cuisines, I suppose this will fill the bill, but frankly, I’d rather just go somewhere and get either Indian food (or an Indian buffet, because most Indian food will survive a steam table), or Chinese food, or Thai food. Rajpoot’s lunch buffet (across Route 9) is $7.95 during the week, and while it has a smaller a selection of Indian food, the food tastes better, and they bring you fresh naan rather than having it sit out on a buffet.

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I went with a bunch of my Indian co-workers and no one was impressed.

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