Oktoberfest begins today!

It actually starts in September. Have any traditional favorites? Looking forward to a good old-fashioned triple wurst platter with some kraut and good mustard. Maybe schnitzel or sauerbraten along the way.

Seems spit-roasted chix, Bratwürste with Sauerkraut and Schweinshaxen (knuckles) are most popular at the Wiesn/Fest.

(All photos courtesy of the webz)

But this is my personal favourite: Steckerfisch (usually mackerel)

Endless photos of servers carry multiple, heart-stoppingly massive beer Steins

And then there’s “Bierleichen” :beer: :beer: :beer: (not food but Oktoberfest related).

This is the site of the Fest in 2020. Makes you realise how much you miss something when it’s not there.


If I were an extrovert I would go and have a good time. But it’s one of my nightmare scenarios so nope (and I love beer and all things German!).

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We’re invited to a friend’s house for their annual Oktoberfest just down the road from us. The last 3 or 4 times I’ve always had a gig the same night :roll_eyes:

We’re expecting Bratwürstl & Oktoberfestbier. Also, I’m with @Presunto – you couldn’t pay me to go to the actual Oktoberfest, and I am an extrovert. But… no thanks!

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I’ve been twice. Its one of those things you should see because its such a spectacle. Not sure I need to go back because people.

Went to a new-to-me German restaurant with a friend last week, so had an Oktoberfest beer, and the Augsburger chef did not disappoint. We had sauerbraten with outstanding rotkohl and hausgemacht spaetzel, and a delicious strudel for dessert.


I’ve been to Munich maybe 12-14 times but only once got to wrangle it into an Oktoberfest layover. I told my boss, “Look, if I fly in on Tuesday for the Wed-Thurs hearings and fly back out on Friday, it’ll cost us $3,500, but if I stay until Monday even including the extra hoteling it’ll only cost us $3,000”.

Those extra days hoteling coasted me through my one and only Oktoberfest parade. Really fun.

Except, even though we followed the final beer wagon directly into Theresienwiese (and I mean directly, as in we were the first people at the end of the train), all the gardens were full immediately. So we mostly sight-saw and people watched.

So we wandered around the Gardens for a while then decided to hit the Englischer Garten again instead, it being under-attended that week, and the Hofbrau Haus having the license for viktuals that year. I had been before but not during Oktoberfest kick-off and I have to say, that’s the time to visit.

Then spent the next free day in the Viktualienmarkt. I’ve had the pleasure of doing so twice now of just having a free day to roam and it’s tons of fun.

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