Oklahoma City

We’ll be in Oklahoma City for a day or two soon, and wondering where to eat besides the Cattleman’s.

And who has the best onion burger?

I had a special meal at Red Primesteak (as well as a fun time at Cattleman’s on the way back to the airport).

The town of El Reno is the epicenter of the onion burger I’m told but I’ve never been there. In that town, Johnny’s and Robert’s are the competing onion burger outlets. In OKC there’s a place called. Bunny’s onion burgers, but I am told that they not as good as the El Reno burgers.

Let us know where you got your onion burger!

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Thanks, Lambowner! I was thinking of trying a couple of onion burger places for lunch one day, but I’m not sure The love of My Life will go along with that.


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Tucker’s. Maybe not the best but fair to be in your rotation.


I never did get to El Reno. We had one day for the walk, and I had to do a barbecue place, and then I could tell that my social director wanted something other than beef. The next day we had to go to Little Rock for state capital walk #8 (12k this time). The up to Bentonville to see Crystal Bridges and a massive BBQ meal, and then home.
Hare’s my sensational rare steak at the Cattlemen’s after id given some to Nancy–

an odd but addicting bread service.

an old fashioned salad with a lot of very good dressing that went very well witht he toast

and huge yeast rolls that had equally huge flavor

oh – and some butter and sour cream for my baked potato (Nancy had a little olive oil with hers

It was a delicious meal and great fun.

More photos when I have them downloaded – which I do as I complete blog posts.


Lance crackers in cellophane!
I used to devour those as a kid (and adult).

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I still do! Especially when I have oysters. I just put some lemon drops oi the oysters, but I load up the saltines with constable sauce – and always ask for more horseradish

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Ryan Cooper of The Smoke Sheet recommended Clark Crew Bbq It was quite good despite my failure to order moist brisket

The pork was surprisingly good and the cornbread was A++