Okkon popup in Oakland

Last Saturday while running errands in Oakland we stumbled upon the Okkon popup for lunch.

This popup specializes in okonomi yaki a kind of Japanese omelet. From their website:

"Okkon Japanese Street Food is an Oakland based husband and wife team interested in sharing okonomi yaki, a popular street food from Japan.

The basic pancake comes with pork belly, mountain yam, cabbage, green onions, egg and flour. The dashi broth is made with four types of fish and kombu seaweed. Okkon cares deeply about the quality of the food, so organic and local ingredients are used as much as possible."

We got two pancakes, one with shrimp and one with cod roe. Both were great but we liked the cod roe version better. The salty umami of the cod roe elevated the omelet.


That’s some good looking okonomiyaki. Interesting how they put the mentaiko on top rather than mixing it in the batter.

I was watching as the chef prepared them. It was like watching a great artist work. You could see the care he put into making them.

I had their okonomiyaki at Temescal Brewing–it’s very good.

Where was the pop-up? Is there a website or Insta?


2311 Magnolia st., Oakland (near W Grand)
Every weekend, Sat and Sun, 12-3

It was Fusebox way back when, now Ichi Soba. The area had a lot of artist studio space, open studio, etc. Makes sense the pop-up is in a Japanese restaurant.