Oh, right. March 2017, Boston. Openings and closings.

Shed’s Smoked BBQ is open. I am curious if this is a worthy BBQ place. Texas style.

Bangkok Thai and Pho in Melrose is open.

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I work in DTX area, planning on a Shed’s run next week. Will report back!


Oh, maybe Ferrari 328 Would be interested in checking out the lunch buffet.

The photographs on the website are lovely, and there are slightly unusual dishes here and there, but the entrees section alarmed me. It follows the “grid” approach to Indian food – an approach that’s wildly popular in the U.S., but one that does a huge disservice to the complexity of Indian cuisine. In India, certain main ingredients – chicken, pork, shrimp – are cooked from the start with sauces tailormade to the main ingredient. It makes as much sense to match a vinegary, garlicky sauce such as “vindaloo”, designed for fatty pork, with shrimp, as for a french restaurant to offer shrimp au vin.

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No idea when the latest change happened in this seemingly-cursed location on Middlesex Tpke near the Burlington/Billerica line, but driving past yesterday, I noticed that what was once Naked Fish, then Pedro’s, is now the Tilted Kilt Pub. In this office-park area, you’d think establishments offering lunch and a bar would have an easier time making a go of it.

Tilted Kilt is hilarious. check out their website, and then avoid it.


Hooters by way of Glasgow - jeebus!

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