Offer from New York Times

As most Hunions probably know, the Times has a venerable food section, which is the source of many recipes that are popular across the country. I saw a tweet that they are offering the digital version free for 8 weeks, with the choice of an additional 8 wks thereafter for 99 cents. After that, if you want to continue, it’s $3.99/wk,


Grey, do you have a link for this? What I saw here is 4 weeks @ .99 then $3.75/week for web + smartphone/
I might do it for 8 weeks free, though I find I can l usually log in enough times by using different browsers.

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You could look at their Twitter feed.

I get this ALL the time for free.

I also get the opinions. I don’t know why and I ain’t asking :slight_smile:

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Some folks don’t tweet. Myself included. I wouldn’t know the first thing about how to look up a twitter feed, let alone how to find the subject.

With all due respect, you were asked a question from another member of this group and instead of suggesting that someone look it up themselves, you could have provided the information. Especially considering that You were the OP.

I am not computer-savvy but do read Twitter. The offer appeared there as a promoted tweet, and I signed up for it. I have no idea how to create a link to that tweet, so all I could do was point to the source, no dismissiveness intended.


And, I am not Twitter-savvy but do read what is on the computer :wink:

No disrespect intended.

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