Off topic announcement for avid readers and cat lovers alike.....................

I’ve noticed a trend on the boards that just behind food it seems cats are the second most popular discussions that take place. With that in mind (and with @sck expressed permission) I would like to take a moment to announce that our very own @seal has published a book on Amazon, titled Sideways Boy.

Kudos to @seal and please feel free to check it out:


Tyvm @NotJrvedivici Sideways Boy is not just for cat lovers (although it may help.) The description:

Robert Epstein, a middle school teacher with twenty-years experience in a gang-ridden district, holds the line against the ever-increasing violence. When something happens that’s out of his control, he barely survives the tragedy. His mind broken, he is diagnosed with PTSD.

For seven years he flounders, living mainly in his fantasies and nightmares of the past. He often thinks about suicide, but he can’t go through with it, branding himself a coward.

Unexpectedly he falls in love with a kitten. The scrawny little boy with a twisted face brings some small joy back into his life. When the cat has a stroke, Bob finds new purpose in taking care of the poor thing. The cat has a remarkable recovery, prompting Bob to find the courage to face the world again.

He finds the real world as surreal as his fantasies. Over the course of one week, Bob hooks up with a group of neglected war veterans for the adventure of his life. Will this journey bring Bob redemption or death?