Off the Menu - Asian America - PBS and online

Just caught this documentary this evening (still on the air as I post on Channel 8 Houston).

First segment (1/4 hour) was a visit to Houston. The film maker interviewed the Japanese American man from Los Angeles who opened the first Japanese restaurants in Texas, Tokyo Gardens in Dallas and Houston, in the 1960s, and the first sushi bar in Houston in the late 1970s. He now supplies and staffs the sushi stations in HEB stores from the Rio Grande Valley to Beaumont.

Then she featured the Taiwanese family that started the first tofu factory here in the 1970s, spending some time focusing on their tofu tamales and how they came to be.

Then she was off to NYC to profile a restauranteur and now has moved to Wisconsin.



Good show.

The third segment of the show visited a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. Fascinating.

Now she’s off to Hawaii which I guess will be the last segment.

I’m sorry I missed this post last night. But I was watching KUHT PBS and it was Michael Pollon’s In Defense of Food. Huh. Anyway, I found it will re-air on January 9 and set to tape! Thanks!

If you watch it online (only available through Jan 5) there are additional clips, interviews and recipes.

I’ll be off to HEB soon to try a Texas Roll and pick up some tofu tamales.

Doesn’t show up in a search on Cox Cable - SoCal. Looks like it ran here in early December, so maybe again soon.

Thank you! Loved the show.

Adding toona tree to the “things I must grow” list.

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