Off the Grid food trucks El Cerrito

We recently went to the Off the Grid food trucks in El Cerrito for the first time this summer. Last time we went was last fall I think. Overall it was a good experience. Here is what we ate:

Lobsta Truck seafood:

My pet peeve with the lobster trucks is that they don’t offer lemon wedges and look at you like you are crazy when you ask for them. I think a squirt of lemon greatly enhances the taste of lobster. So this time we brought our own lemon. This particular truck serves a simple lobster roll: lobster meat on a lightly buttered roll. Others offer different variations, for example with mayo, but I like simple better. With a squirt of lemon it was excellent and better than lobster I recently had in NY.


We are big momo fans and were excited to try the momos here. We recently had hideous “fusion” momos somewhere else and were anxious to exorcise that memory. These did the trick! They were excellent and satisfying. They were shaped more like pot stickers than traditional momos but the overall flavor was very traditional. The accompanying sauces were great too.

Kolobok Russian food truck.

Siberian meat dumplings. These were good and it was interesting to eat them side by side with the momos. Overall we were glad we tried them but we liked the bolder flavors of the momos better. Served with jalapeño cole-slaw which was good. We also considered the piroshkies but they looked a bit greasy.

The Chairman.

Steamed and baked Bao. This is probably our favorite food truck here and we always get the pork belly bao with turmeric pickled daikon. Today they seemed even better than in the past. The pork belly was particularly unctuous and savory tasting.

This event happens every Wednesday in El Cerrito and other days at other locations. The trucks tend to rotate to every other week. See the website for schedules and more information.

Note: no alcohol is served here. But we always go first to the awesome Hotsey Totsey bar which is very nearby in Albany. It has wonderful atmosphere and cocktails.


I go to that OTG probably 2-3 times a month, pick up food for my sister and I. the Southern food truck - Southern Comfort Kitchen - is wonderful too - great catfish and shrimp po boys. My sister really likes their crab fries. Steel Smokin’ BBQ had great tri-tip the first time we tried it, the next time it was a bit dry. I’ve had and liked the bao, and the Siberian meat dumplings. As for the lobster rolls, that’s probably what we’ve gotten most often, and adore them! You can get them with butter or mayo, or with both. i think the default tho, is melted butter. At least that’s what they always give us, without asking.

And speaking of Hotsy Totsy, yes the cocktails are fabulous, especially since they updated their cocktail menu and the staff all had a hand in creating them. And the taco truck parked outside - El Tonayense - is one of the best - their tripas tacos are killer. Carne asada too, and carnitas (don’t love their al pastor as much.) Also ceviche tostadas. The best thing is you can take your tacos into Hotsy Totsy and enjoy with a drink.


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Maybe my favorite neon sign ever…