October 2018; Boston and surrounding areas. Openings and closings...


You know the drill.


And, although I’m temporarily silent[*] I applaud you.

[*]Help, I’m trapped in a cave, surrounded by bandits[**}.

[**]Whew! it was OK. The bandits were from Cambridge. I shook hands with them and ambled out. Then went back to all-consuming work.


Harvest Co-op is closing both locations (Cambridge and JP) over the next several weeks. The scant grocery shopping options for Cambridge residents will get a bit slimmer. Hopefully this puts a more intense light on the former Star/Shaws location at University Park. The last I heard, it sounds like the Cambridge City council is quietly trying to let the landlord out of their commitment to have a grocery store in that space. I find that reprehensible as this was a condition for development of that space in the first place.


I think it’s absolutely going to be offices there. There was a summer article in Cambridge Day about how they tried to attract a supermarket there but had no takers. Given margins in the grocery biz and that location, it wouldn’t totally surprise me if that were true.

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Sanyo (no website) opened recently where Yangtze River in Lexington reside for forever. I stopped in after my excellent Indian lunch today, and the place is beautiful. They have a Chinese lunch buffet that is $17! $17! I know it’s Lexington but $17 for lunch? Everything looked fresh, and they also have Sushi. It was only Maki when I was there. They have a Szechuan section on the menu that looks really good. Both Chinese and Japanese lunch specials are available. Neither looked exciting. I wonder why they stick with the old spelling of Sichuan? The world has moved on. Same owners as Bamboo and Mandarin, both of which have several locations in the area.


Not an October closing, but I was sad to read Erbaluce is closing at the end of the year:

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Oh my. Erbaluce has been on our list and now we’ll have to get serious about going if we ever hope to try it.

I’m always sad to see a creative, independently operated restaurant end its run.


So glad you posted, must get back at least once before then. Lots of good memories…

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Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli’s Alcove opens today by North Station/The Garden.
Better Sorts Social Club rose from the ashes of Highball Lounge earlier this month near Park Street Station.


That’s great. Looking forward to checking it out and supporting him. Tom was one of my favorite bartenders around during his time at Craigie. He did a great job transitioning to GM and making sure ICOB hit the ground running. I’d bet on him any time.


small update on Goldilox Bagels in Medford in today’s Wicked Local Medford. They hope to be open in late Nov. - early Dec., though that sounds ambitious to me given they don’t yet have their permits. Will be mostly takeout, though will have some seating.

From their Instagram feed, this looks promising. It’ll be right near Moulton’s.

Boston, MA. August 2017. Openings and closings

via the Davis Sq Facebook group, Mortadella Head is now open in the square.

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Fuku, from the Momofuku restaurant group, opens in the Seaport this weekend. Fried chicken sandwiches and other signature spicy fare such as chicken fingers and wings, reports The Boston Globe.


I walked past it this morning at 10:40. It was not open (supposedly opens at 11). I considered waiting, but the absence of internal activity and the absence of a store sign (I had to check on my phone that I was at the right door) did not seem promising. Picked up a sandwich at Diesel instead.

(Oh, and Pepe Bocca still has the “closed for renovation” sign on a chalkboard at the door, but the smudging, etc., is not an encouraging sign.)


Report back when you get there. Would love to see his Korean BBQ pork shoulder in Boston but may have to wait. Also hoping Jean George returns. He did not have a favorable landlord experience with Market.

(Denise) #16

Odds are much better that someone else will get there first. Though yes, will report if I do.


You can make a very competent facsimile of that dish fairly easily at home (https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/12197-momofukus-bo-ssam). I cook the pork lower and slower and always make sure you get a bone in shoulder. It is a real crowd pleaser for guests.

His duck on the other hand, is be something I don’t feel capable of preparing at home, and can’t get anywhere else in Boston.


Yes, on every count.


Mortadella Head in Davis was briefly open last week, then when I tried to go by Tuesday, they had a sign on the door saying closed Monday and Tuesday for Grand Opening Wednesday. Haven’t been by again.

I had the pizza from much-lauded Dragon Pizza, also in Davis, the other day as takeout at the playground. The “cheese” is actually three cheese with a pretty sharp provolone flavor. I liked it, but not sure I would call it the best in Boston, as per the Globe write-up. A colleague had also read the review and got a slice for lunch the day before. Her report was that the maple bacon was actually drizzled with maple syrup and she found it incredibly sweet and among the worst in Boston. So lets just say I’m withholding judgement for now.


went by Goldilox today. There’s a permit in the window.