October 2017, Boston MA and surroundings. Openings! Closings!

New month, new births and deaths. What’s shuffling off this mortal coil? What’s throwing its doors open with no regrets?

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Seasonal closing: Final week of the 2017 summer season for Kimball Farms ice cream. All locations open until Columbus Day, October 9th. Westford (only) remains open longer than the rest, until the ice cream runs out.

The flavors sell out fast now so go soon if you are a fan of Kimball’s ice cream. Or if you do an end-of-season stock up like we do.



Caramel Patisserie is open in Davis Square. I stopped in and (purely for research purposes) purchased a kouign amann. It was nice and flaky, but seemed more like a croissant with a quick glaze on top rather than the gooey confection I’ve become obsessed with. Actually, in addition to a bit of an obsession with them, at $3.50, it was one of the only items I thought was reasonably priced- $5.50 small eclairs? We’ll see how they do. The array of pastries looked very nice, very upscale. Small, elaborate beautifully crafted morsels. Hopefully they’ll fill a niche.


Parsnipity, do you have any local kouign amann recommendations? I’ve only had a couple and much preferred the one I had at Flour to the one at Explorateur. I’d like to get to know it better! Usually I’m not drawn to something so sweet, but the oodles of butter offsets the sweetness and is pretty delicious.

Agree- the kouign amann from Flour is one of my favorites. Sadly, I haven’t had as many as I would like. Tatte’s is good. I actually really liked the frozen bake-at-home one Trader Joe’s had a few years back. It was my gateway pastry. I wish they would bring it back.

new place opening on Ferry St in Malden on Oct. 20, called Crying Thaiger Rustic Thai Kitchen. Right next to Yong Yong.


A couple of months ago, a TJ’s staffer in Acton told me the frozen kouign amann is coming back, but I haven’t seen it yet.


infused kreyol is opening in the old sweet kingdom location on main street in malden

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Agreed that Tatte’s is good. I had one last week. Now I need to try another from Flour to compare while it’s fresh in my memory.

And fingers crossed for TJ’s frozen ones.

Had a fig kouign amann from Forge the other day- I liked the fig, but somehow it did detract slightly from the purity of the pastry. Good flakiness and caramel though.

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Thanks for the review. Fig sounds intriguing, but I can see how it might distract from the simple beauty of the dough, butter and sugar.

I “think” I ordered the Williams-Sonoma kouignettes (obviously, mini kouign amanns) as a big splurge to bring to our weekend family Thanksgiving in Maine to supplement Thursday or Friday breakfast. I received a confirmation and an order number, but when I try to track the order or check my order history, nothing shows up. They are supposedly packed in dry ice and shipped ready to bake. If I do indeed get them and bake them, I’ll report back. I was hoping to snag some (significantly less expensive) at Trader Joe’s, but I’ve never managed to find the frozen ones.