Ocean View Bakery, Long Branch, Sold ?

Does anybody know if this got sold, and if so to whom?


Saw an ad in the Coaster today, still for sale, same price.

Someone just posted this on the AP NextDoor board:
On behalf of the family, I am very sorry to announce the passing of Mrs. Giovanna Avagliano, owner of the former Ocean View Bakery, this afternoon at 2:50 p.m. Funeral arrangements will be announced when they become available. May she rest in peace.

They also shared this video from 2010.


A legend. Thanks for sharing.

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oh wow! awesome! Thanks for linking to this video. She was a force to reckon with!

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Aw, they were the best. I was only in there a few times over the years but Joanne made me feel like a regular. Definitely a unique place, never to be seen again.