Ocean House Tap and Grill Sea Bright

The former Dive is turning into the aforementioned Ocean House T&G. Does anyone have any intel?

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that’s a shame. I enjoyed the few times I went there. they put out solid effort and good food- nothing all star level- but solid honest stuff near the water where that’s an anomaly at the price point they dealt with. Think once Tommy’s opened up they were doomed.

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Everytime I drive by Tommy’s I laugh. That place just dominates. I see people standing outside in the rain to get in. Lol. I don’t get it.

As for this new place, I can’t open open their website. It appears to be down.

So we have a drift house, an ocean house and and Atlantic house (the two latter coming soon) all within a few miles.

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Same ownership as Red Rock, management is an ex-waiter/captain/bartender from Nicholas. I’ve heard mixed reviews from the soft opening a couple weeks ago, I was invited but couldn’t go so I sent my daughter and her bf instead.

That pedigree would make me think it might do well. Red rock guys apparently know what they are doing and I enjoyed it there the one time I went. Nicholas speaks for itself. Hopefully they get sorted out quickly- rough time of year in SB to get your sea legs under you.

Still bummed about Dive.

Agree CJ- I don’t get the Tommy’s masses. Is it pretty good? Sure. But people lose their minds and act like it’s the hottest/best spot for miles. I’d day Woody’s blows them out of the water hands down. He’s opened a few more as well (both him and Rallo have expanded to Staten Island as well- maybe it will help stem the tide, lol…)
Has anyone been to Rory’s since the wing event? Wonder if they are doing well?

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Tommy’s has a few things going for it…

Mediocre food
Decent venue
2 affluent towns surrounding it without that many dining options

That has to be the secret to success, or some of the factors. I am not really a woody’s fan. Like Tommy’s, I’ve never had anything bad, I just haven’t been impressed with anything either.

As for rory’s, I haven’t been in a while so I can’t update you on that place.


Tommy’s is an entirely different animal. Would love to see what that place clears on a summer weekend. You’re right with the recipe for success. Good location, decent food and the clientele makes it a gold mine. A tip with ordering drinks there for anyone who goes. Go for the doubles. I think it’s only like $4-5 more but it’s 100% worth it. There’s some bartenders there that will give a very generous pour.

Yeah I have know John for over 2 decades…great guy and top notch bartender.

Let me point out that their wings are great…definitely above average and my favorite thing on the menu.

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+1 on the wings. They are seriously good but I could leave everything else at this place. It is madness nearly all the time. We went once and it was a 2 hour wait for a table. It was not even summer. WHAT!?

My understanding is that they only got access to the location late April, so had been working full tilt to get the place open. For instance, I know the (computer) network that the point of sale and other stuff runs on, was completed on May 18th…

I should be back down that way around independence day…

If you want a 7.95 wing, I know where you can take one for the team :smile: yes 1 wing (flat and drum)

So you are looking at almost 48.00 for a a dozen wings…over 50 with tax. They are sold individually but I just wanted to do the math. My pizza math was way off last time so I’m going back to basics so Dave doesn’t send me to detention!

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That’s insane!

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Back to Ocean House, I’m disappointed to find almost zero information on their website, which doesn’t come up on a Google search of their exact name, oddly.

“Featuring an eclectic menu that combines fine dining with an oceanic flair.
18 taps including beer, wine, and cocktails”

I guess their wine and cocktails are on taps…

Almost no activity on their FB page either.

If you are looking to try Iberico Pork they have been featuring Lagrimas, which is the meat portion of the ribs between the bones. Boneless Ribs.
Here is a recent photo of what they are doing with this cut.

Also hear they are doing them Char Siu style.


Is it any good? Chewy or fork tender?

I haven’t had from there, just once when I was able to get a pack from work. I had put them in the oven for a bit to render out some of the fat, then grilled them for a bit. Real tasty.
They are very tender. The Iberico in general has a lot of fat evenly spread throughout the cuts and the grilled cuts eat more like steak than pork. The longer cooked cuts like Collar and Ribs are very tender as a result of the fat rendering and melting into the meat.
OH have also done with a pasta and got the photo of char siu style. Think that style might be a bit much for this cut as the other Iberico cuts are served around Medium.

These are Lagrimas from The Madison in Hoboken

These are from Sabor Unido in Newark.

Really tasty, cool and versatile protein.