Observations at Monmouth Mall NJ

(D) #21

I believe there was also a Noodles & Co. that closed with all their other NJ locations earlier this year.

(Junior) #22

You are correct.

(Junior) #23

Latest update on the mall

(Junior) #24

(self deleted)

(Big Meatballs !) #25

Wow, the picture of the proposed redo is just plain fugly.

(Big Meatballs !) #26

Hey I just noticed Kushner is involved. Do you think there is a Russian connection? A new IHOP serving blinis and caviar perhaps?

(Wayne G. Robinson) #27

Greed produces ugly. Simple.


Kushner’s own the Mall and Pier Village.

(Junior) #29

The plot thickens

(Junior) #30

And the latest at Monmouth Mall. All I can say to this one is good riddance!!! They must have had their employees parking in the front of the restaurant because the lot always seemed to have a fair amount of cars in it.

Funny side note, I had originally re-joined Chow after having a HORRENDOUS experience at this Joe’s just to complain / rant about them. One less horrible experience to be had.

(Mr met) #31

articles states the problem they saw was the fact that Red Lobster is nearby…if you can’t operate a functioning business because of Red Lobster maybe it’s just time to go away (I saw this knowing full well RL is packed to the gills every weekend-sadly in a location less than 15 from the ocean).

(Roland) #32

Someone gave me a gift certificate there for my 50th, needless to say it has not been used in the two years since

(Junior) #33

Well if you find yourself in Lawrenceville !!!

(Roland) #34

I may donate the gift card instead

(Joon) #35

I’m accepting donations, Thank you.

(Junior) #36

The latest I’ve seen on this…

(Mr met) #37

he got shot down hard last go round. I think it’s a bit too ambitious to be honest, but something needs to be done there as that mall is in danger of plummeting downmarket. I honestly head to Freehold if I go to the mall anymore. If they get a good mix of interesting retail and dining perhaps that might be enough, but a hotel and huge residential space seems weird given the location at the corner of 35 & 36.

(Lost in translation) #38

Douschener Enterprises may have refocussed their efforts in the area.

If you read the last para, a new Trump hotel may be coming to Long Branch !

(Lost in translation) #39