Oakland: The Fat Lady

Fat Lady soldiers on thru hard times, having the perspicacity to have bought their building pre-Prop 13, so no dealing with greedy landlords, LOL. They do certain things very well - not everything (but let’s face it, that’s almost every place) - so we stick to the basics.

#1 - Fried zucchini. We have tried this everywhere and haven’t found anyone yet who does it better than FL. Thin sticks, perfect light breading that doesn’t fall off, and a housemade blue cheese dressing. They throw some finely grated fresh Parmesan over the heap, and the plate will be clean before you know it.

#2 – Flat iron steak. The guy who mans the grill during weekday lunch and often, dinner, really handles beef well. The weekend brunch shift – eh, not so skilled when we went in July 2021, but maybe he’s gotten better. The weekday lunch griller is spot-on.

We also like their calamari steak, which is piccata-style. Desserts are decent – the cinnamon bread pudding isn’t bad, and the coconut pecan torte is a lovely moist cake.

The Reuben at lunchtime is usually excellent, even though they use a sourdough baguette instead of rye.

Sadly, the excellent chicken liver pate starter, with its hefty slug of brandy, seems to have succumbed to the pandemic. :sleepy:


Reuben still works with a sourdough? Hmmph.

Yes, I was surprised - due entirely to the fact the bread is REALLY fresh - like “a few hours of the oven” fresh.