[Oakland] Smokin Woods BBQ at Forage Kitchen cafe


Looks like the Forage Kitchen cafe is now serving Smokin Woods BBQ Su, M, Th and Fri. Their Google search entry says they are the best BBQ in the Bay Area. Has anyone tried? And if so, is it decent compared to real BBQ joints in the South?

If I am in Oakland its usually Saturdays, but i want to see if its worth the effort to stop by on Sundays instead. Thanks.


tried Smokin Woods BBQ monday. when they opened 11:30, nothing was available to serve. BBQ meat had to be warmed up in oven.

12 o’clock, some meats ready, sides not.
brisket plate (14) had 2 large pieces of lean nonfatty brisket meat, had smoky taste
-smokin taste stayed in my throat for hours, doubt it was the original BBQ sauce
-potato salad still in referigerated state. could feel it in my stomach for hours.
definitely housemade.

maybe it was an off day. only one guy working, he showed up just before 11:30.
tried their food at eat real festival. seem average. food not prepped at eat real site.


got feedback from another foodie that the smokin taste in my throat was liquid smoke, a short cut to “smoke” meat.