[Oakland] Nido

I kinda forgot about my recent dinner at Nido until Bauer posted his review a few days ago that listed Nido’s many menu items, prices, and ingredients and contained opinions about one dish on the menu, one dessert and the margaritas.

I’ve always liked Nido’s, and they have many dishes not available in other generic Mexican places.

The current menu:

The blue corn quesadilla. Yay. Good corn flavor from nixtamal that went well with the earthy mushroom fillings.

Pork pibil panucho. Liked this dish the most. Intense and bright flavor from the pork, kraut and salsa.

Chicken Asado. I don’t know why we ordered it. Should just have tried something like the carnitas surtidas instead of something adequate and safe like this dish.

Duck taquitos: None of us liked this dish very much. I must profess I don’t remember much about the duck that Bauer described as intensely flavored.

What are the current favorites at Nido for others?

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Aguachile instead of the taquitos. Carnitas or seafood special instead of chicken. I think they always do a good job with vegetarian quesadilla. Coconut flan for dessert.

During lunch I like their chicken tinga tostadas. During the summer they have a corn appetizer and a fruity moreliano dish I cant remember the name of.

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Another delicious lunch/ brunch.

The huarache de chorizo con heuvo was delicious. Nice smokiness from the chorizo. I can eat this for breakfast every day.

The jalapeno-tomatillo salsa in the chilaquiles was good. The cotija was lovely. The chicken breast meat was a bit dry.

The pozole tasted a bit bland.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
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