[Oakland, Montclair] Daughter Thai Kitchen downhill alert?

Cool! Camber had turned into a disaster after a good start, and Daughter Thai needs to find someone to fill in who can cook as well as Pops. We loved DTK for 8 straight visits, brought some friends 3 or 4 months ago, soon after Farmhouse Kitchen/Oakland opened, but found DTK’s food was now a total letdown. All the fried dishes were overcooked and horrible - the wonderful Hat Yai chicken, the fried calamari, etc. were fried to death. Greasy batter, dead dried-out interiors. Ugh.

Will look forward to trying Lao Tae and the new Korean market.

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We went to Daughter last Friday evening. We had an online booking. They were overbooked and overwhelmed with chaotic servce and we felt like the QC suffered. Even though on past visits it has allways been crowded, this visit was ridiculous. They need to manage their reservation system better and they also seemed overwhelmed with to go orders. We feel reluctant about returning, even though we have loved the food in the past.


Oh no. Sounds like they are stretching themselves too thin with too many branches.

Pops is a great cook, no argument there. It’s the cooks who take over when he isn’t there - and with Farmhouse/Oakland newly opened, it was pretty clear from our visit to DTK he was not in the DTK kitchen that nite.

All the deep-fried dishes at DTK were, as I reported above, ridiculously overcooked. Whereas the deep-fried dishes we tried at Farmhouse, only 2 weeks earlier, were absolutely on-point. We objected to Farmhouse on other grounds - food is sweeter and milder than DTK, and the service was sloppy and untrained.

(At this point I think if the moderators can break the DTK comments into a separate thread, that might be better for a more specific discussion? Thx…)