[Oakland] Masabaga

Has anyone tried the toro sandwiches from Masabaga, the collab between the Masa Sasaki of Maruya/ Sasaki and Chikara Ono of B-Dama?


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No . . . but now I want to! Have you been? I might be crossin’ the bridge for that in a few days.

Oh we haven’t really gone anywhere since SIP begins. But I’d love to try this one for sure!

I had it a week ago. I thought it was pretty bomb. The fried torowas crispy, savory, salty, fatty, and fishy of course, but I happen to love that . The rest of the sandwich is pretty much made up of my ideal accompaniments - fat squishy bun, mayo-ish sauce, lots of crunchy fresh and pickled veg. ~$23 all said and done with small fries.


Thanks for sharing! How big was the toro piece?

fit the fat burger shaped bun perfectly at like 3/4" thick… I’m guessing 4-6oz?

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