[Oakland] LocoL Bakery

Was in the neighborhood yesterday looking for bathroom. Since the new LocoL bakery was close by I stopped by to see what they have. Well, they didn’t have restroom for the public, but I got to try their buns with a couple of dips- honeynut butter and garlic herb butter, and and the strawberry/ mandarin agua fresca. The honeynut butter dips tasted like a combination of honey, maple syrup and some sort of meshed nuts. The garlic herb butter gave the plain buns a garlic bread taste. Both were quite delightful. Made a good breakfast or part of lunch. I’d get these to go if they sell them in jars, and they would make great party dips. The strawberry/ mandarin agua fresca was mildly sweet and very refreshing.

One bun plus one dip was $2. Agua fresca was also $2. Its mid afternoon so I didn’t see other baked goods other than pizzas.

One local, a couple of tourists stopped by while I was there. Time will tell whether this venture attracts more locals or tourists. They say its West Oakland, but its not far from uptown.

3446 Market St
Oakland, CA 94608

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo