[Oakland] dosa By DOSA

I went to Dosa by Dosa about a month ago. Meant to write a review but got busy. Bottom line: I was skeptical about them being able to maintain QC in the setting and maintain the quality of the food of the SF locations. But everything was excellent


We enjoyed lunch at dosa by DOSA earlier this week too. The butter chicken served dosa and street wrap styles were both tasty and filling - the former coming with a side of sambar and two chutneys (coconut and tomato) for dipping.

It looks brunch starts this Sunday - here’s a link to the brunch menu.

And an excerpt from their email list:

DOSA’s Executive Chef Arun Gupta has created a new brunch menu for Spring with 9 new items, which we will launch on Mother’s Day! These include a few new egg dishes of course (Kerala Scramble, the Chef’s Breakfast which he prepares for his family at home), and a few delicious additions to satisfy your sweet morning cravings (Coconut-Cardamom French Toast with Indian Pav bread, Dark Chocolate Dosa with ginger and cashew nuts and Strawberry Vada in Mango Malai)

We’ve also added new brunch cocktails like the Turmeric Mule (New Amsterdam Gin, ginger, jaggery, Witty Chamomile Liqueur, mint) and the Salti Lassi Cobbler (Lustau Vermouth, Salty lassi, Creme de Peche, cucumber), in addition to our classic Bloody Mary Curry, which will knock any hangover out of you in a matter of seconds!

We capped off our visit to the Hive with a taste of Drake’s Solo Dulces Bourbon Imperial Nitro Stout - terrific with notes of cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla, and coffee. Just like drinking chocolate, but clocking in at an impressive 12.5% ABV.

I am eyeing that fresh cruller from Firebrand. We may have to make a return visit later this week.


Got takeouts to eat at a nearby park this weekend. In general, clean and good tasting Southern Indian food. Total hipster space.

Tamil lamb dosa. Good flavor lamb. I was quite fond of one of the chutneys that had a pronounced ginger taste. Mellow spicing.

Look at the box. That alone must be like $1 of the cost of the dish.

ETA: For the kids. The naan was a bit of a fail. Dry and pretty hard. ETA: the pieces next to the naan was tandoori chicken, which was solid.

Vada pav- spicy potato slider. Fairly tasty. Though its one of those snacks that probably shouldn’t be wrapped and ordered to go.

Must be the fanciest looking Indian restaurant I’ve been to. Total hipster space.

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