Oakland/Dimond: Farmer Joe's favorite buys

I’m starting this thread as we bought two new (to us) products from Farmer Joe’s in the Dimond district/Oakland:

  1. Good Earth Cafe & Bakery’s “Corn Toasters” - We love cornbread but with two of us a panful goes stale too fast. This little bakery plastic container has 5 rounds of mildly sweet cornbread, perfect for heating up in the toaster oven with butter and honey. Company is based in Redwood City.

  2. Cassandra’s Wedding Cakes “Southern Pecan Pie” - they had 2 different pecan pies and I chose the one with the whole pecans. Wow! Not supersweet, very thin delicate crust. Based in Richmond, this company’s pecan pie is a real bargain.

I dropped a comment on Farmer Joe’s website to let them know how much we enjoyed these two products. Feedback is important, especially for small-scale vendors.

What products do other members choose from FJ’s two stores? I go there more often for the bulk nuts section, and I like their dairy and charcuterie sections as an easier-to-reach alternative to Whole Foods or Rockridge.

Farmer Joe’s
Dimond (larger store, called New Joe’s) 3426 Fruitvale Ave (off MacArthur), Oakland

Laurel: (very small, original store) 3501 MacArthur Blvd @35th Ave., Oakland

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