[Oakland] Anyone going to the dining event with Fuchsia Dunlop at Camino?

Anyone going? Fuchsia Dunlop will be there. The kitchen will be cooking from her cookbook Land of Fish and Rice that Hyperbowler reviewed in this discussion.

Any idea what the menu will be ?

Why on earth at Camino? To demonstrate that you don’t have to be Chinese to cook Chinese food?

‘If Yan can cook, so can you!’

Just sub Yan with Camino.

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Probably because that’s who would partner up with Omnivore Books to put on the event?

They said it would be 3 courses. Cold chicken, pickled vegetables, fish. Family style, meaning each person only gets a fraction of each dish. $135 including alcohol and tips. What a ripoff.

It’s sold out. Barnum was right?

Some of the Chengdu Festival events, which involve actual star chefs from Sichuan, are better deals. Fuschia Dunlop is a nice woman, but she doesn’t have to be party to “bearing the white man’s burden” when it comes to uplifting Chinese food.

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I went to the Sean Brock dinner, also served family style. There was plenty of food. I expect this event to be the same.

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Menu from Fuchsia’s Instagram:

Any reports?

You can bribe @hyperbowler and have him cook you this meal at his place.

Now that would be worth the price they were charging