Oakhurst/Ocean - Post-Funeral Lunch Spot

Family friend needs a post-funeral lunch spot for tomorrow. 20-25 people. The family doesn’t want alcohol being ordered, so a place without a bar is a big plus. 10-15 minute radius from Oakhurst/Ocean area. Thoughts?

Perhaps, Illiano’s? I’ve passed it many times (West Park Ave.) but have not eaten there. The website says they’re open starting at 11 a.m. every day except Monday.

Edited to add: It’s a BYO.

Also have passed it many times. Will check it out. Thx Roz.

10-15 mins from Oakhurst puts you in Red Bank where you have several options. I recently went to a repast at La Pastaria, which did a fine job, plenty of parking directly across the street. You also have San Remo and Patrizias.

Little Silver you have Graze - Sea Bright (might be pushing the time limit) would be Angelica’s.

Bueno Sera operates catering at the the Greek Church on West Park Ave. at the Rt. 18 entrance, it’s Bueono Sera Palazzo, it’s a banquet hall so no booze.

Hope that helps, my condolences.

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Is it the one near the hospital on Corlies Ave. ?

The times we’ve been we went to Irv’s Deli right across the street from the hospital. It was better than expected and inexpensive when paying for lots of relatives.

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The funeral home is in Oakhurst on Monmouth Road. Fiore, I think?

Thx JR. I mentioned Red Bank as having options and I get the sense they are looking for something a bit closer. Didn’t realize that Bueno Sera runs a catering operation at the Greek Church. I’ve seen the Buona Sera signage on the curb and never put two and two together.

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(FYI if the family doesn’t want booze served, and this is going to be a “lunch” or not during normal operating hours for a place with a liquor license, just tell management you do NOT want booze served, and they can simply tell any guest “Sorry the bar isn’t open” till XX:XXpm". Few people know each towns ordinance when it comes to serving liquor, the restaurant can simply decline to serve it upon the hosts instruction. I’ve done this before for guests.)

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I like @NotJrvedivici 's idea since the closest places are on Norwood and I think there’s a kosher chinese and a bbq joint and maybe a pizza place. Shame, since you are really close to AP and there’s so much better food there.

Edit - Lol. Just looked it up and you are 3.4 miles from Porta. Less to Cookman. BTW - Porta will give you a private room but there is a bar in the main restaurant.

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I’ve been in a couple of times. Capacity - your group might fill the place to overflowing. Pizza is just OK and everything else is less so, in my opinion.

A few suggestions: (as mentioned if there is a bar just request that it not be open).

Mr. C’s Allenhurst
McGillicuddy Loch Arbour
Richard’s West End

While I’m a Porta fan, I think it’s a) too boisterous for a repast and b) the parking anywhere in AP on a Saturday afternoon in late July is insane, so I wouldn’t recommend bringing a bunch of people at once.

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The family settled on Tuzzio’s and will be directing no alcohol to be served. Thanks all for the great rec’s.