Oak Hill Farms Holmdel, NJ

A while back, Oak Hill Farm came up as part of a discussion on hot honey. Based on some of your comments (looking at you @gracieggg and @gcaggiano) @CurlzNJ and I decided we will be taking a ride up there on Saturday 2/18. Anyone/everyone is welcome to join us. We haven’t decided on an exact time so if something works better for you let me know as we are very flexible.

I’d love to see @NotJrvedivici on an alpaca.

Hope to see you there.


Thanks for the invite! Breakfast before at almost home? I’ll double check my book when I get home!


Sounds good to me. I took a look at Almost Home’s menu. WOW!

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I’m in! I’m up early but Oak Hill Farms doesn’t open till 10. Text me on what time works if it’s just us. Even though @NotJrvedivici DOES owe us a visit after the dim sum debacle! :wink:


And I know, I’m commenting on my own reply but a lunch thing also works a bit better for me.


Unfortunately I have work, but I’d be curious to know what their $13 PB & J tastes like. :rofl:


Sprinkled with gold leaf!


@gracieggg OH GOOD!!! Mr Bean is working and we have dinner plans later so I’m pretty much free all day. I’m still getting weird email texts from you so maybe @CurlzNJ can act as an intermediary.

@gcaggiano Sorry you won’t be able to make it. We’ll take notes for you



I’ll pm you. We can get this sorted!

Well today was the day to “saddle up or shut up”, after I received a text this morning I headed over to the farm to meet my Alapaca. I was scheduled to ride Alpaca Pete the midnight black Alpaca that has been tearing up the field at Alpaca racing tracks around the world and I was here to ride him to the championship!!

Unfortunately during the pre-race jockey weigh in, I was slightly over weight and given I had 30 mins till the starting bell, there was no way I was going to lose the 150lbs I was over weight so the race was cancelled.

Disappointed, my fan club and I headed across the street for a nice “brunch” at Almost Home Across the street.

Before a quick synopsis of lunch - let me say Oak Hill Farm is a nifty place with a coffeehouse and several farm fresh items like honey and maple syrup and lots of kitchen type trinkets. Cool place with goats, alpacas, donkeys and some very busy bee’s.

Pretty cool place and I expect in the spring/summer it’s a cool place for the family! After you get refused service at Nettie’s bring them here!

Alpaca Pete ready for the race!

Post race brunch at Almost Home


Glad that you weren’t the one to break the camel’s….er……alpaca’s back.

Mr Depp woulda been :triumph:.


Everyone who suggested a visit to Oak Hill Farms was right - what a sweet place! I’m glad I had the opportunity to visit. Their hot honey is very good.

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Well thank you for coming forward to identify yourselves my fellow Ho’s. I did want to take a minute to acknowledge one of us who was unable to join us for lunch, but I did catch a glimpse of at the farm.
@gcaggiano Greg, no need to be shy, just come up to us next time, you are always included.
(impromptu pic)