OAD again, 2024 "top casual restaurants in Europe", 7 in Spain.

Ahead of the Las Vegas award ceremony for the World’s Best Restaurants, slated for June 5, the other much debated, talked about list of Opinionated About Dining (OAD) has been published for its 2024 “Best Casual Restaurants in Europe”.

Mannix, the winner last year comes in this year in seventh place, while the number one spot
goes to Los Marinos José, the Costa del Sol’s seafood temple in Fuengirola.

D’Berto comes in at number 2, another of Spain’s vaulted seafood temples.

Here’s the list

  1. Los Marinos José (Fuengirola, España)
  2. D’Berto (O Grove, España)
  3. Elkano (Getaria, España)
  4. Ferme de la Ruchotte (Blignu-sur-Ouche, Francia)
  5. Güeyu Mar (Ribadasella, España)
  6. Trattoria Trippa (Milán, Italia)
  7. Mannix (Campaspero, España)
  8. Pepe in Grani (Caiazzo, Italia)
  9. Askua (Valencia, España)
  10. Alameda (Fuenmayor, España)

My beloved MANNIX moved down a few steps…
But have one new to me for Valencia this winter!!

Thanks for posting that. Do the reviewers really visit the venues each year? I don’t know any thing about who runs that site. Always happy that so many are in Spain.

Gabriella of Tenedor Tours introduced us to the owner of OAD, Steve Plotnicki when he was in San Sebastián, as she arranged his first OAD gala there.

Here’s the list of their top reviewers:
Want to be one?

Mannix slipped down, perhaps because Gemma García is no longer there on a day-to-day basis. She moved to Burgos to Cobo Evolución (2 Repsol suns) as Jefe de Cocina.

Askua in Valencia is the red meat temple. The. sons of the former owner run the Askuabarra here in Madrid, that serves one of the city’s best steak tartars and steaks. There is also another Askuabarra in Alicante, a fairly recent opening.

Erica: Last I looked, Plotnicki is here with us in NYC. He was a very frequent poster on the old original CH & had major arguments with Leff. I used to go out with him and others you’d remember &, in fact, had my 1st meal at Tia Pol with him when the owners of La Vara & Txkito (Alex & Eder) were chefs there. Steve formed OAD shortly after eGullet had some major leadership issues — OA was a food board back then, not the listing/rating system it is now.
My upcoming book “Notes from a Village Elder” to be published soon (just kidding).

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Because I know that you read in Spanish, here is a recent Tapas Magazine interview with Plotnicki.

I didn’t mean to imply in my post that he lived in San Sebastián.

It is, instead, where our friend Gabriella introduced us to him, BTW, at the original Antonio Bar in the city center, before the owners opened a sibling bar on the Boulevard at the entrance to the Parte Vieja, or Old Quarter.

He was visiting to arrange his first gala awards ceremony because he had engaged her to organize it.

Elkano is casual? I suppose. I think I was forced by the Mrs to wear pants

Everywhere in the Basque Country now is casual.
I’ve even seen foreign diners at Akelarre in the summer in shorts.
In the Basque Country, “casual” is perfectly acceptable these days.

After all, Andoni’s (Mugaritz) standard “uniform” is a tee shirt, jeans and sneakers, which he wore to the World’s Best awards last year when accepting the prestigious “Icon award”.

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Who is all in for the GOFUNDME for Steve R??? Come on, now you can see who your true friends are!!!

Maribel remember how I was shocked by Andoni in his t-shirt at the TV show at NOOR? This past trip I brought no fancy things and still, I think I was overdressed.

But remember where I was based: Puerto del Carmen… Maybe Steve R can included an addendum to his tome…want to write more but I fear I will come across as very mean… It’s either dressed to the nines, or barley dresseed at all on Lanzarote… should also mention that no bathing costumes are required on the beaches, nor at the hotels…Americans are prudish.

Should I go back to my time on HVAR during high school in the late 1970s, when naive best friend and naive I were shocked when we were subject of levity when we refused to remove our swim suits??? I think that is a topic better to be remain buried!!!

The number one restaurante in the world, according to this year’s OAD list----

number two–Etxebarri

number four–DiverXO

number fourteen—Quique Dacosta

number twenty eight—Elkano

Two in the books, just 48 to go for me

I have been to 10, none in Asia, none in France, but am surprised that so few are in Spain this year.

Quique Dacosta is almost 300 euro pp so will skip that when in Denia. 600 euro without drinks is just too much for me.

Maribel you know I have my eye on El Baret…already checking when dates open for November…

Passed on Reale when we were in Abruzzo, …truly some of these places seem more about decor and utensils than great food. I don’t need such fanciness when I can have a great meal in so many nearby places in regions like that one…

And REALE makes it but not LA MADIA in Sicily???

I meant the World´s Best awards, not the OAD, I had the names confused.
Here in Spain people are celebrating that 4 Spain restaurants made the top 50 of the World´s Best.

If you wish to try Quique Dacosta’s other restaurants, we had a very, very good rice-centric lunch at Llisa Negra in Valencia. I’ve written about it here. The current menú de temporary is priced at 63-p.
He also offers an anniversary menu for 120-p

See the offerings here

Maribel I forgot that that was his…of course we will go there…a brief rest and an unpacking and I will be ready for planning the next Spanish aventura!!!

OAD has come out with its top European 150 restaurants (not “top casual”) for 2024.

45 Spanish restaurants have made it into this year’s ranking.

Etxebarri has been named number 2, after Alchemist in Copenhagen.
Bagá in Jaén, number 5
DiverXO, number 7
Quique Dacosta in Dènia, number 8

The awards ceremony was celebrated at the Ritz, with Michelin-starred chef Quique Dacosta, who manages the dining there, as the host.


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