O That's Good! Guess who has their "Own" food line"???

Did my hint give it away???

Oprah! You get free soup, and you get free soup, we’re all getting free soup!!! (ok I made that part up but apparently she does have her own food line)


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Good for her, she needs another billion dollars.


Thanks for giving me an excuse to post this. BEES! (Obligatory food tie-in: Honey. Is a food.)

I can’t quite put my finger on why, but those look gross to me…the packaging perhaps. What is “nisin preparation”?

These soups amuse me. How is it a “nutritious twist” to include carrots and celery in a tomato soup? Or sweet potatoes and carrots in a butternut squash soup? Sweet potatoes and carrots have almost exactly the same nutritional profile (and flavor profile) as butternut squash anyway!

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What can’t be noted on the ingredients or nutritional label is the little bit of love that Oprah sprinkles into each serving!! There is no value that can be placed on that nutritional twist.

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It’s that they’re using squash, beans, etc to replicate the creamy texture of butter & cream. Mac & cheese probably has a little cheese for flavor but a more significant amount of pureed cauliflower to make the creamy sauce. More “nutritious” than using all cheese and dairy, though I guess technically that’s also false, fat is a nutrient :wink:

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How does this different from Bomb Jovi?

My reference was to her giving away free cars to audiences members not to the soup actually being free.

My reference was to Red Bank’s no. 3 restaurant on Tripping Advisor, the Soul Kitchen.

If you want to bus tables he has free soup.

I’ll bet Oprah could hoover up a lot of free soup.

But she is giving 10% of profits to support food banks, so eventually there will be free soup for some.



Doesn’t Newman’s Own give a 100% of after tax profits to charity?

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Yes, Newman’ Own has the most generous of all social purpose corporation business models. Lots of others do 1% for peace or 5-10% for their chosen cause.

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