“ O’ Mei, Richmond Hill “ - LIVE Alaskan King Crab prepared multiple ways……different crustacean giant but skillfully cooked using same time-honored proprietary methods.

After savouring O’ Mei’s iconic ‘ Giant Lobster prepared multiple ways ‘ repetitively for many a year. This once beloved unique offering has sadly started to lose its lustre, becoming less captivating and signs of it turning into a ‘ garden variety ‘ product has begun to emerge.

Tonight, at O’ Mei, our regular foodie group decided to try out something different, splurge a bit and upped our weekly culinary gathering experience by opting for an Alaskan King Crab feast instead. However, our culinary event took an unexpected change in direction, when the star of the evening turned out to be NOT the King Crab but the wines we brought along to accompany the meal!

First, a 97 pts, Dopff au Moulin 2017 Grand Cru Brand Gewurztraminer. An exuberant off-dry white wine, fabulously perfumed and aromatic ( lychee, pineapple, rose petal… ) that was rich, energetic and complex on the palate. Very elegant and classy. Absolutely great with the sweet, delicate and umami packed crab meat.
Next, a magnificent and gorgeous Bordeaux first growth……1998 Chateau Haut Brion! Perfectly balanced, rich, unctuous but not too weighty. Deeply harmonious with endless honeyed, cherries and earthy complexity. Really long finish! A ‘supernova‘ that erupted and outshines the King Crab ‘star of the evening‘! I ended up enjoying the wine alone since IMHO, no food was needed to bring out the best of this wine!

Now, back to the ‘chow’ part!
The 10+ pounder monster, specially chosen for our party of 8, was prepared in the following “ 6 ways “ :

  • Steamed lower, smaller ends of legs with julienne scallions and ginger, rice wine on rice
  • Steamed upper meatier part of legs with minced garlic and scallions atop rice vermicelli
  • Sauteed body with house special Maggi sauce and onions
  • Fried body with seasoned spiced chili pepper salt
  • Steamed egg custard ( charamushi ) with crab brains/tamale
  • Fried rice with Chinese preserved meat, diced Gai-lan stems and tamale

In addition we augmented the aforementioned with some needed veggies and meat protein:

  • Sweet & sour pork
  • Braised Tofu with Chinese Shitake mushrooms and Broccoli
  • Stirred fry Chinese Kale ( Gai-lan ) with sun-dried Flounder
  • Steamed pork pattie with sun-dried Cuttlefish and water-chestnuts

For those of you who had tried O’mei’s Giant Lobster multiple ways in the past, the flavour profile for these various crab preparations should be familiar. The main difference here being, the Crab meat was definitely more delicate, sweeter and less chewy!

Overall, a most enjoyable, lip-smacking meal!![:yum:



This feast sounds spectacular. Dare I ask the cost?

$85 per pound for the King Crab.
$1050.00 inclusive of tax for the Crab 6 ways, extra 4 dishes and complimentary desserts.
For gratuity, we gave 10% tips but tipped servers who looked after us individually and accordingly.

As for the wine, they cost more than the food!

Nice Charles looks to be the same prep method for Lobster and as for the wines you are drinking Grand Cru’s so yeah for sure the wines are going to be more than the meal :slight_smile:
Hmm each there own I guess but a red with crab not for me

Me too!
That’s why I brought along a white to go with the crab and personally chose to drink the Red all by itself!

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Good choice. Yeah that red is special :slightly_smiling_face:
I think fishman lobster is overrated as prefer omei