" O' Mei, Richmond Hill " - An enjoyable, long overdue, sit-down dinner featuring live BC Spotted Prawns as stars!

For me, dining out these past two and a half ’ Covid impacted ’ years have brought a couple of stand-out scenarios to my attention. First and foremost was the across-the-board hike in prices due to sky-high inflation. The second, especially to us avid foodies. was the inconsistency in the quality of food offered by previously reliable eating establishments!

Based on tonight’s wonderful and superlatively executed ’ sans giant lobster ’ meal at O’ Mei, I am glad to report their talented kitchen has managed to maintain the same, equally high-standard cooking as per pre-Covid!

The range of delectable dishes we ordered this evening included the following:

  • Sauteed, live BC Spotted Prawns with House-special Maggi sauce and aromatics
  • Double fried crunch/crispy Sweet & Sour pork
  • Deep Fried west coast jumbo lobster with peppered, honey glaze
  • House special, crispy skin free range Chicken
  • Stirred fry Gai-Lan with minced garlic and diced sun dried Turbot
  • Braised Tofu casserole with Shitake mushroom and veggie in oyster sauce
  • Steamed minced pork pattie with diced water chestnut and sun dried cuttlefish ( hands-down, best rendition in town! )
  • Complimentary desserts of Sweet dessert soup, Mango Mochis, Black sesame glutinous mochi balls and Shanghainese, all egg-white, doughnuts!

Paired with - ’ Paul Blanck & Fils, 2018 Altenbourgh Cru Class Gewurztraminer ( Full bodied, floral, spicy and off dry…great with the Cantonese style seafood )


Looks amazing. :yum:

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“Deep Fried west coast jumbo lobster with peppered, honey glaze”
Oops! Sorry! Typo mistake! Should be ’ Jumbo OYSTERS ’ instead!