Nyum Bai [Oakland] Selected as One of Bon Appetit's Top 10 New Restaurants in the US!

The kudos keep coming for Nite Yun and her rockin’ Cambodian fare!. I like to say I knew her when, “when” being less than two years ago when she started doing pop-ups in the Mission.


Pro tip: click through the Nyum Bai piece, and you’ll get to the resto’s “sound track” of Cambodian R ‘n’ R in downloadable form.


I swear all the best places are in Oakland. I have to go again soon and just eat, eat, eat.

Thanks for this, this place was crowded when I walked by, now I know why.

I have loved this music since discovering it, but it also makes me sad, knowing that the artists who made it were persecuted and died for their art.