NYTimes profile of San Francisco and its eateries

Eateries/ bars profiled: Heirloom Cafe, Nopalito, Hardwater, Ferry Building, Royal Cuckoo, Zeitgeist, Mission Bowling Club

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I look forward to the tourists showing up at Zeitgeist with their NY Times travel section folded under their arms, no doubt shivering in their cargo pants and T-shirts.

The first time I showed up in SF (as a tourist) in September, I wore a t-shirt and a very thin jacket and shorts to the wharf. Never made that mistake again.

Ferry building got a crazy enough crowd as-is on Saturdays. I don’t know how else they are going to fit even more people in and how locals can possibly get their shopping done.

You know all of those tourists you see wearing their “I left my heart in San Francisco” sweatshirts? They didn’t leave their hearts. They bought those because they were freezing to death!

i’m curious where they got their list of places to visit from…y*lp?

Perfect timing, ck! I have a trip to SF coming up in November :slight_smile:

Bookmarked this thread.

seems like a pretty random list, imo. Heirloom cafe is nice, and good value.

If you find yourself in the vicinity of Royal Cuckoo, do yourself a favor and go to Rock Bar instead.

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I usually end up at El Rio or Knockout when I’m down there, went to Virgil’s Sea Room a few months ago. What’s not-so-good about Royal Cuckoo ?

At least they were not as predictable as Bourdain. Half of those places I’ve never heard of.

Royal Cuckoo is expensive, poorly-made cocktails. Seating is ridiculous–not even a small group of 4 can sit comfortably. At that price point, going somewhere like Rock Bar, where they actually care about what they do and aren’t jerks about it, is a joy. Virgil’s Sea Room of course has a lovely outdoor area, but the bartenders are half-wits. Sometimes a very large group of friends wants to go there on a nice day, but I find it a frustrating experience.

If you care about cocktails, there will be a cocktail /dimsum popup on Monday starting 7pm at Itaba in oakland, by guest mixologists william tsui and Sam Houston, part 1 of a 4 part series.

I have 4 nieces and nephews in SF. Thanks for this. I’m bound to get there again before long.

Pabu has rotated their seasonal foie-infused old fashioned to huckleberry + foie . A bit sweet but a welcome change from all those over-citrusy or shrubby drinks. The huckleberry is a riff on a port reduction, perhaps. Looking forward to the rotation back to the original kumquat + foie.