NYTimes' profile of Market Street revitalization/ gentrification

An article on the recent redevelopment of Market Street, and the restaurants that are now there.

As the article suggests, this is wishful thinking. Bon Marche is imo the only eatery in that area that would qualify as a potential dining destination. Perhaps the biggest disappointment is Alta, which serves mostly reheated food and, aside from the occasional black cod preparation, is mediocre in spite of carrying Daniel Patterson’s name (they can’t even put out a good burger). The restaurants have had no visible impact on the neighborhood outside their doors (the sidewalks are as filthy as ever) and conversely the neighborhood has had no visible effect on the restaurants or shops (in terms of lowering prices.)

We were pretty unimpressed by The Market (though the stunningly rude and nasty cashier at Azalina’s certainly made an impression of a different sort).