NYTimes: 36 Hours in Oakland [Camino, Miss Ollie's, FuseBox, Portal,Saigon Deli Sandwich & Taco Valparaiso, Curbside Creamery]


From left, fried chicken with plantains and collard greens at Miss Ollie’s; Korean fried chicken at FuseBox; the garbage bread at Portal. Credit Jason Henry for The New York Times

Given the limitations of format, that’s really a pretty good article. I like that they’ve given the cemetery strong billing, as well as the “art murmur” ( even though it’s a pale shadow of its prior “no permit no problem” self ).

Within that structure, I would improve the format to have one “main recommendation” then a list of two or three backups if the particular place is full / gone. For example, Fruitvale for tacos is great, calling out Del Campo seems good, but then I’d have a list of three more. Similar for Uptown bars, one could list two or three more. But that’s a format difference.