NYT: 17 Foods You Should Buy When They’re on Sale

There isn’t much not on the list.

Also, an assumption of unlimited freezer space is amusing from the NYT.


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Here you go.


I cannot count the times I’ve left food in the pot, on the stove overnight… sometimes not even covered.

How lucky to be alive and able to report this here :roll_eyes: :joy:


Their list is kind of a DUH. :roll_eyes:

And yes, almost unlimited freezer space would be needed. At a minimum, a small chest freezer.


Yes, that’s why i laughed. Because at least the NYT should think about what NYC apartments can fit :joy:


There’s out of touch and there’s this article.
Wow :flushed:

I learned you could freeze lemons. So that was useful.


You know, apparently, I learned that before and promptly forgot it, because I just found frozen limes in my mom’s freezer :rofl:

That happens to me all the time! I’ll be browsing my recipe folder and come across one I think would be great to try. So I open it and find the notes from the three or four times I’ve already made it.

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I really like the way the spaghetti is arranged in the caramelized cabbage and walnut pasta picture.

I should try " quick pickles with past-their-prime sturdy vegetables: Submerge them in leftover pickle brine and refrigerate. In a few days, they’ll make a great giardiniera-like topping for sandwiches and salads" more often. I do wonder if I would actually eat them.

Re milk: buy non-fat dry milk in bulk (not in packets that make a specific amount, but in a bag or box where you can mix the amount you want). That avoids milk going bad, plus conserves refrigerator space.

This assumes you’re okay with non-fat milk, of course.

While I’ve bought dry milk to have in the pantry for emergencies, I’ve never used it!

Don’t worry.

It won’t spoil …

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