NYCers visiting Seattle and Vancouver - where to eat?

@Phoenikia, I’ve lived up here for nearly 30 years now, and if I had to guess about the clam strips, it would be Ivar’s Seafood Bar; they had/still have? a walk up window for orders to go. Across from the market, or somewhere near about. They were very popular back then.


Forgot to mention, DH is a craft beer aficionado so could use brewery or brewpub recs as well!

Oh no problem, will post some when I talk to H & the kids. Can also recommend a couple tiki places or fun bars. Bathtub Gin comes to mind, if that sort of thing appeals to anyone in your group.

Ok, here are a few brewpub recommendations for you @biondanonima, as well as some fun cocktail places.

Beer: Fremont Brewery, Reuben’s, Stoup and Holy Mountain. DD says most of them don’t have food. Frequently, however, there’s a food truck nearby, or an approved, vendor list of foods you can take in. I haven’t been to any of these, so they may differ from some other places in that respect.

Fun Tiki and Cocktail places: Rumba, Navy Strength, Hotel Albatross and Bathtub Gin Co. Haven’t been to these places either (need to get out more), but DD assures me they are great.

May is usually beautiful around here, with lots of things in bloom, but weather can still be iffy. It sounds like it will be a great trip for the four of you, in any case!

Just wanted to add, that if you’re able to, with the timing of the Seattle part of the trip, avoid Pike’s Place Market on the weekend. Also, the earlier you go, the less crowded it will be. Assume the same is true for the Granville Island market.

Funnily, it’s the crowds that make a market special for me. I like the energy of the crowd, and when I’ve been to the same places in no crowd conditions, it takes something away. That’s not to say I enjoy super crowded, rubbing shoulders conditions. I don’t. And parking is always the worst part, so if you can get into the general area some other way, do it.

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Good to know and thank you for the brewpub and bar recs as well! Right now it looks like we will be in Seattle on Sat-Mon and then Vancouver Tues-Weds, so perhaps we’ll save Pike Place for Monday. I need to check the opening times for museums and other attractions before I make any firm decisions on itinerary and dining, but we’re leaning toward going to the Mariners game on Saturday evening to leave Sunday and Monday completely open for other stuff. Since we’ll be flying in Saturday morning and still feeling East Coast time, I’m thinking we might do our main meal at lunch that day and then just get snacks at the ballpark for dinner. I can’t fully appreciate a great meal when I’m tired anyway! Do any of Seattle’s finest restaurants offer lunch at a lower price? We have had amazing meals in NYC for a fraction of the cost of dinner that way.

In the stadium area, you’re close to the International District, which is great for Dim Sum and other delights. I’ve got no names of places in the ID however, since it’s been awhile since eating there. Also, there’s the Pyramid Ale House across from the stadium. While it can’t be considered a microbrewery anymore (AB or another big beer producer bought it), or a fine dining establishment, it does have dependable, good food.

I would say, if the fine dining restos do serve lunch, they all usually have reduced prices for that meal. Pretty sure Wild Ginger has lunch, not sure about the others. The Steelhead Diner across from the market is great, and has lunch. DD had her rehearsal lunch there two years ago, and it exceeded expectations all around. Mostly everywhere, in my experience around here, serves carnivorous and usually has a vegetarian option or three, in addition to seafood. I have a query out now for DD about fine dining lunches at reduced $$.

I just did a quick search and it looks like most of the fine dining places either don’t do lunch at all, or serve brunch on weekends, which I really hate. I don’t want to go to a fine dining restaurant for an omelet or pancakes! :roll_eyes: I did find actual weekend lunch at Place Pigalle and the Pink Door, though - both of which are fairly close to our hotel. Any feedback on those?

ETA: just looked at the Steelhead Diner and although they also serve brunch, their menu looks a little more interesting than the standard waffles-pancakes-French toast line up. Could be a contender! :grin:

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Totally agree about brunch! Let me wait til DD chimes in. Don’t think you’d be disappointed by Steelhead Diner. No experience with the other 2 you mentioned, but there is one at the market that gets consistent raves. Let me research a bit.

It’s Cafe Campagne that seems to get the consistently good reviews. Not quintessentially Seattle fare, but what’s not to love about French food?

Ok, just heard back from the kid. She says The Athenian in the market has good food and happy hour, every day except Sunday. Not fancy, but a beautiful view of the waterfront. The others she mentioned are away from the area, and very casual. Where are you staying, if I may ask? It may help with the rec’s.

We’re staying at the Belltown Inn, unless I find a good deal on something else in the meantime. No car but we’re walking distance from the market (maybe - my Dad has bad knees so may not want to walk more than a couple of block if the destination will also require walking) and happy to cab anywhere.

Belltown Inn looks great, and is very central to major attractions in Seattle. The Macrina Bakery is in BT, and is a great place to pick up a nice pastry or a tasty lunch.

The Executive Hotel Pacific is nice also, and positioned well. You may want to check it out. But be warned, it’s an older property, and the rooms are small.

If you have more questions, please ask. If I have anymore ideas, I’ll let you know.

For craft beers I like Alibi Room. Went there many times. They also have food.

I hadn’t realised this place is highly rated. Well deserved. 10 years ago the manager was a Brit. He was impressed that I put his bar on top of my beer list. “She pronounces names/styles of the beer like native language”, “What are you… German?.. European?” LOL… Even the regulars (sitting at the bar) were nice.

If you feel like it, take a stroll down E. Hastings to witness the harsh reality some of us face on the daily basis. Only need to walk to the end of the block, or 2 blocks if you are not fazed by the time you reach the end of the first block. Unless things have changed (I hope so). But if you are from NY, like most metropolises in rich/Western countries, what you see is probably quite “normal”.

If you, or someone in your party drink(s) ,don’t forget to check out the wine par excellence produced in the province.

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Alibi Room looks terrific - thank you for the recommendation! As for East Hastings, yes, we see plenty of that in NYC as well. A very sad commentary on life in one of the richest countries in the world.

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In Seattle, where I visit family frequently, my favorite restaurant is Judy Fu’s Snappy Dragon, great fir hand-cut noodles.


Acek, thanks for your recommendation and welcome to Hungry Onion! We hope to see much more of you here!

Matts in Market in Pike Place Market does a lunch and dinner service, is in the market, and is wonderful. The Pink Door is a local favorite and has lovely Italian food…one its calling cards is it’s deck overlooking the sound, but I don’t know that’s it’s open this time of year. Nonetheless, a great place.

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Yes indeed. We live right down the street and it’s great!