[NYC] Recommendation for one 'Not overly formal, great tasting' Italian dinner......due to diet restriction, good pasta only secondary criteria!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Can you give us a bit more?

Price? Neighborhood? Italian American or Italian? And so on.

Via Carota

Charles, you have time to add [Manhattan] or [NYC] to your subject line! It would lead to more people responding.

Nothing too expensive like Marea or places charging $60+ for an entree.
Prefer traditional Italian over Italian American
Had a great lunch ( memorable Zuppa di Pesce ) at ’ Lincoln ’ a few years back. Something similar would be nice.
Interesting, not a lot of places serve Veal dishes or a nice Bistecca Fiorentina?!
Location and neighbourhood is not an issue. However, since its dinner, we prefer to stay away from Harlem or venture across the river to Brooklyn.

I thought my title had a big [NYC] before it??

As for Via Carota…Hee! Hee! I too checked that out. Sadly, for the three carnivores in our party, the ’ Carne ’ selection with only one Rabbit, Chicken, Pork chop and Meatballs dish are too limited and not appealing enough!..No ‘cooked’ Veal or Beef dishes?!..???

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Peasant, Bacaro, Il Gattopardo


Now it does! A Mod might have intervened :grinning:

Bistecca available at Altro Paradiso, but not too many other meats! https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0576/2426/4804/files/Altro_Dinner_12.19.2022.pdf?v=1671558328

From my experience, Italian restaurants that have high quality veal and pork chops and Bistecca alla Fiorentina on the menu tend to be pretty upscale. That said…

Although I haven’t been to Ci Ciamo yet, it’s high on my “go to” list because all the reports I’ve heard or read say the food is excellent. Bistecca alla Fiorentina is on the dinner menu at “market price.” Prices for the other main courses are in the $30’s and $40’s.

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Don Angie. More meat dishes than pasta.

Well, if you want a nice place and veal, I don’t think you’ll be a lot below $50-60. (Lincoln is up there on the price meter - used to be a favorite before the chef left and then a long covid closure.)

Sounds like you want MEAT :joy:

Some of the best meat I have eaten at an Italian restaurant is the short rib at Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria – it says for 2, but with other dishes added, it goes around easier (their pastas are lovely, though so is everything else).

Da Umberto has veal in the $60 zip code, Their porterhouse for 2 is excellent (and again, if you’re getting other things, you can get it for the table rather than for 2, which is what we do).

More Italian American, Carbone (if you can get a rez), definitely has the Big Meats, but keep in mind when you look at their prices that portions are huge. (The cherry pepper ribs are excellent, but they also have veal.)

Also Italian American, and a lower price point for veal – Piccolo Angolo.


Park Side.

By the way, Ci Siamo is very good. Going back in a couple weeks.

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Thank you all for your valued inputs. Due to its close proximity to our hotel ( will be our first dinner upon arrival ) and the look of the menu, “Il Gattopardo” seems to be our current favorite!

It’s been several years since we’ve been to Il Gattopardo. Food was well-prepared and delicious; service was professional; seating was comfortable; and the noise level was conversation friendly. I presume you’ve checked the website and are o.k. with the fairly high price point. Then, imo, it’s an excellent choice. Enjoy!


With 2 adult kids plus spouses willing to take a ’ family ’ vacation with these seniors…what’s a few $$$ here and there"?! It’s the company that counts…of course the food too! :laughing:

Hope you like it! I sometimes go there after MOMA. It’s super-close.


Enjoy! I used to go there a fair bit for a work lunches and dinners. The food was very good, though the place was stodgy (new york high end stodgy, if that makes sense); don’t know what the ambience is like these days.

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