[NYC] Recommendation for 10 ppl bday dinner

Please recommend restaurants that are good for bday dinner for about 10 people. New American or European cuisine.

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Can you elaborate some more? Location, price range, and so on.

For 10 you’re likely going to run into group menus at many places.

Would consider any neighborhood in Manhattan or even north Brooklyn. Price range is about $100-150 pp

I had initially thought the Modern- but lunch is 145 pp and dinner is 225 pp lol.

Could do dinner at the Bar Room at your price range, but think conversation could be challenging at a table for 10 in that space.

Are you looking for restaurant with a private room for the table of 10?

Barbuto might work

“Barbuto offers two chefs table experiences for groups of seven and greater (up to 20 per table). The experience offers a 3-course, family-style savory menu and desserts featuring a combination of JW signature dishes as well as seasonal dishes created by the culinary team daily. All beverages and additional dishes will be charged upon consumption.

For groups between 7 – 12, the cost is $100 per person, plus tax and a 22% auto gratuity”

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NOT looking for a private dining dinner.

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I’ve done several large dinners including birthdays at Socarrat. The range of tapas and paella have made it easy to find things to eat for a variety of food rules including vegetarians, pescatarians and omnivores. Easily fits in your budget. I favor the Nolita location. Ask for the big communal table.


+1 Soccarat - if Nolita isn’t available Chelsea would work too, bit larger.

Boulud (Bar or Sud) across from Lincoln Center has well-priced group dining, if they won’t let you order a la carte — you can call and ask.

I just recommended Altro Paradiso on another thread, and it strikes me it would be a lovely birthday dinner spot.

(The big question mark in a group dinner budget is always how much people are going to drink.)

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