NYC quality sushi in Westchester NY?

So my husband loves sushi. There are a few places in the city I’ve wanted to take him but it takes a lot to get him into the city so I’m wondering where the best places in Westchester to get sushi are? I’d like something high end with really good quality fish. We have a local casual place that we like a lot (Yama in Briarcliff) but it’s more of the crazy named roll variety (again, which we like) but I’m looking for perhaps a more authentic sushi experience. I know there was a place in Hartsdale people on CH liked but I am curious to know my fellow Hungry Onions’ more recent opinions. Will travel from Ossining but probably more than 20 minutes will be a hard sell.

Thanks in advance!

Azuma Sushi in Hartsdale is one of the two most high end, traditional in Westchester. I get attitude there occasionally and don’t go more than once every year or two. Pricey and to be very honest, I think that unless you are a regular, or Japanese, you may get attitude. But I once went with a friend on an expense account, and he was very lavish ordering, and we had an incredible meal.

Sushi Nanase in White Plains is the best. You have to make a reservation, no matter what, even for one person. They do not take walk ins, none at all, and can be rude to those who try to. They special order everything for each day based on the reservations. Also for omakase, which is most of what they do, you need to let them know.

They also can have attitude, mostly to folks who expect fancy rolls, and other silly stuff. Or if someone walks in with attitude. They just won’t deal with it. I have spent a lot of time in Japan, and understand enough of the culture to see someone who wants to do his best for his customers, but has had to deal with too much NYC and Westchester entitled attitude, and just won’t anymore.

It is small, and family run, basically just husband/wife. Juts a few tables, and a few seats at the sushi bar that they prefer not to seat people at. They can be excellent, not as great as some of the best in NYC, and a bit cheaper, but still pricey. Sake is pricey since it is mostly full size bottles. I use to go often and they treated me like friends after the first visit, but haven’t been in around 18 months. I have to get back there again in the next week or two since I have been craving great sushi/sashimi and the other local places just don’t cut it.

It is one of those places that aficionados love, and others love to hate.

Sushi Nanase
522 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10605
(914) 285-5351

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Have you been to Jiki in Briarcliff? No liquor license but sublime sushi. And amazing desserts.
Dai Sushi in Pleasantville is a step above the usual crazy named roll variety Westchester restaurants.
Agree the best in Westchester is Sushi Nanase, but very very expensive.

Thanks for the ideas. Azuma is the one I remember reading about although Nanase rings a bell too. I found Azuma’s website but can’t find much information about Nanase. Any idea what a meal there would run? Comparable to Azuma? Jiki and Dai are close to me. Jiki’s desserts look especially interesting-- hadn’t heard of this place and will have to check it out!

Call Nanase and ask about how much their omakase runs (I thin it’s around $85-100), and other info. They have a minimum per person, I think it’s $40 or $55 . Call around 4-5 pm to get someone on the phone. Closed Wednedays.

Azuma sushi has a much less expensive omakase at around $50.
Here’s their menu.

+1 for Azuma. Also, Hajime in Harrison has consistent high-quality sushi; a traditional place and no crazy rolls.

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They’re known for their French macarons. Really good - and they have them in cool flavors like green tea.

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I don’t eat sushi so we only go to Japanese restaurants that have cooked food also. My husband’s favorite sushi is at Fujinoya on Central Avenue in Hartsdale. Second favorite is Hajime in Harrison.

Same here!

Thanks, everyone, for the ideas. Sushi isn’t my #1 favorite but my husband loves it and I have been known to compromise now and then. :relaxed: I will report back once we try some of these places.

[quote=“debmom, post:8, topic:10462, full:true”]
I don’t eat sushi so we only go to Japanese restaurants that have cooked food also. My husband’s favorite sushi is at Fujinoya on Central Avenue in Hartsdale. [/quote]

Fujinoya was sold a few years ago and went way downhill. From a fav place I lunched at several times a week, and dinner several times a month, and now I won’t even bother anymore.

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