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  • Patisserie Chanson on the 23rd St
  • Hide-Chan Ramen, a branch in Hell’s Kitchen.
  • Irish bar The Spotted Dog in UES.
  • Sake bar Method in Hell’s Kitchen.
  • X Bar Bistro, French bistro in UES.
  • The Horny Ram in Midtown
  • Gloria in Hell’s Kitchen, from a chef who used to work at Le Bernardin and Contra
  • Tableside Italian Cook Shoppe in East Village
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OK, what is this all about? :slight_smile: “The Horny Ram” sounds like a down-and-dirty bar, not a restaurant. Anyone try Tableside? I haven’t seen it yet in my walks around the East Village - is it in Alphabet City?

Tableside Italian

The menu is rather too cutesy (but, it’s possible the food will make up for that).

I saw a new noodle shop, Little Tong Noodle Shop, in my walk around the East Village tonight. The noodles looked good. I didn’t see a menu, but apparently, it’s Yunnan-style food: That’s a notable restaurant opening for me.

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Yeah, very annoying dish names. I wish they’d stick with the usual names for the dishes.

Oh, I just noticed their menu has no prices. That’s even more annoying. In the olden days, that meant you couldn’t afford it. Nowadays, who the hell knows?

Luo Zhuang Yuan is a new noodle stall in the NY Food Court in Flushing, serving Guangxi Liuzhou river snail rice noodles. I must profess I am not familiar with this style of noodle, but at first glance it seems to be unique in NYC.

Korean BBQ joint KBBQ by Korilla is open in Midtown on Lexington/ 56 and 55.

Guh Sung Chinese Restaurant is open in Bayside/ Queens, though they are also Korean.

Pan, please let us know how you think about Little Tong if you try it.

You bet I will.

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Chouchou, a Moroccan restaurant is open in East Village.

Antique Garage Tribeca, a Mediterranean restaurant is open in Tribeca.

I passed by this restaurant recently, but I think it’s in Soho. I guess this will be a second location.

Mang Tang Hung is a new Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn. They say its Cantonese though the menu seems to cover other areas as well. 11th Ave/ 66th St

Western Yunnan Crossing Bridge Noodle is, as its name suggests, a restaurant for Yunnan noodles, in Brooklyn. LOL the Yelp listing says the attire is formal and jacket is required. 59th st/ 7th ave

Shorty Tang Noodles, Chelsea. Noodle dishes from all over Asia it seems like- ramen, Sichuan, Hong Kong, and even Italian.

Indian Table- I can’t figure out which region of Indian food they serve. I guess everything. Brooklyn. Court/ Baltic

Satsuki is well covered. It is the new omakase place ($250pp) from Toshio Suzuki, formerly of Sushi Zen. Midtown

Birds of a Feather, modern Sichuan in Williamsburg from the Cafe China team.

Kilo Astoria is a Brazilian steakhouse in Astoria.

Very Thai Restaurant seems to be a very standard thai (curry of every color) restaurant in East Village.

Little tong looks promising! Please post if you visit, i’m not in that area often but now that it’s citibike weather that’s easy to fix! The mushroom noodle dish and whatever the cucumber app is look good.

Please post if you visit shorty tang! I have read a good bit about their famous cold sesame noodles…the menu also has a hot version

A few more openings in the last couple of weeks:

  • Colors, 100% Gluten-free American in LES. Curious the portion of customers who must eat gluten-free.
  • Kotti Berliner Döner Kebab. Weekday Turkish/ German style doner in Dekalb Market Hall in Brooklyn.
  • The Gentry, new Montreal-French place in Brooklyn. Poutine, anyone?
  • Morningside Coffee & Biscuits in Harlem.


  • Da Falafel Guys, LES
  • Simply Hooked Fish & Chips, LES, they use sustainable fishes, wonder if it will taste better than the typical cod and pollock? From their web site: ATLANTIC SPINY DOGFISH/ ATLANTIC POLLOCK/ BOSTON MACKEREL/ CHESAPEAKE WILD BLUE CATFISH/ ARCADIAN REDFISH

!! That coffee and biscuit shop is in my neighborhood!! I had no idea- i walk south from my apt for the subway and haven’t seen this but obviously will investigate. I’m hoping the biscuits aren’t made with lard…

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2