NYC Michelin stars. Hit or miss?

Here’s a link to this years winners

Deserved or not? You’re invited to weigh in.

Judging from the response so far, my guess is either there aren’t too many users from the NY region who has joined yet, or they aren’t paying too much attention to the Michelin ratings?

The Michelin guide is a pretty useful guide to find a specific type of food/ restaurant that Michelin values (e.g. fine dining, ambiance, service). Of course, that type of food/ restaurant represents a certain spectrum of the whole dining scene that NYC has.

They seem to have broadened their criteria. Ethnic restaurants that are not fine dining establishments, but are good at what they do, e.g Som Tum Der, are now being recognized. At least it’s that way in the one star category.

I think some of us probably participated in or read the long thread on this topic on Chowhound: And there was also a thread in Food Talk Central:

My comment there:

Not only is it ludicrous for Somtum Der to have a star, and
I say this as someone who orders from them often because I like their
Isaan chicken soup), but for them and Kyo Ya to both have a star is just
insane! The kaiseki dinner my girlfriend and I had at Kyo Ya a few
years ago was one of the best meals either of us had ever had, sublime,
and redefined for me what miso soup, chawan mushi, claypot rice and, for
that matter, sake were. Nothing I’ve ever had or ever will have at
Somtum Der will give me the kind of transcendent experience kaiseki at
Kyo Ya was.

As far as I’m concerned, Michelin should probably still be taken
seriously in France, but, excuse my French, they don’t know what the
fuck they’re doing in New York.