[NYC] Congee

After a sadly bland congee at the otherwise excellent Great Taste in Boston’s Chinatown earlier today, I was on a congee kick this afternoon in Manhattan. On my walk up Ninth from Penn to my Heck’s Kitchen pad this afternoon, I picked up one from Tim Ho Wan (near 44th) and another from Dumpling Palace on 46th. Notes:

  1. Yes, DP is a chain and this branch of it is on Restaurant Row.
  2. Congee is inherently bland, but as a background. The stuff in it should give it counterbalancing flavor – unless you’re sick and can only tolerate plain congee (in India of the Arrowroot variety – or, as we called it, “Arraroot”).
  3. Yet, the base congees of both NY versions were superior to the Great Taste. The DP version had a pleasant saltiness, and the THW distinct complexity.
  4. The DP was heavier on the pork, yet were I to pick a congee to eat for the rest of my life I’d (a) jump off a cliff, and if that failed (b) pick THW.

ETA: I don’t seek congee often, but I’ve had several I’ve liked in the way past at Congee Village.

Do people have other recommendations?

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I liked the congee at King’s Kitchen quite a bit, but it’s been a few years.

Thanks. Will add to my list.

I like Noodle Village’s congee. It is ok.

Wah Fung No 1

The lady with the cart outside Wu’s most weekdays has good congee.

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I noticed today that Green Garden Village , a Cantonese place on Grand street, has quite a variety of congees as well as many other good looking things on their menu. Havent been yet, though.

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I’ve ordered in from them (I think I got a casserole) and thought it was just okay. I like King’s Kitchen for congee. And Congee Village.

ETA: Still!

Im fond of some of the dishes they offer like the silver fish dishes andd the "Famous Aromatic Crispy chicken etc… Reminds me of the stuff the former restaurant “congee” on the bowery had. do you really think ordering in is a fair test of a chinese resto???

Absolutely. If you sell something, you’re responsible for its quality.

maybe comparing apples to apples (one box of food to another) but Chinese food is never gonna be at its best out of a container, even congee or casserole. In my opinion. So now I am wondering - what exactly was wrong with that casserole?

I couldn’t tell you, since it was a while ago. I just keep brief mental notes of places that have disappointed me, so I don’t make the same mistake twice.