NYC Bib Gourmand / Michelin

I don’t know anyone (who enjoys/follows food) in nyc who cares about either Michelin ratings or Bib Gourmand (<$40 apparently), and they’re often lagging indicators. Is this list primarily for tourists?

My hypothesis is yes. I have a couple of friends who travel a lot in Europe (for work) and they use Bib Gourmand recommendations to find dining options in unfamiliar cities.

Mostly the ones who aren’t great at currency conversion, I think. 'Cause a lot of the places on the list will cost you upwards of $40, and sometimes way upwards.

Using the lists in Europe makes more sense to me, since that’s where they originated and presumably have some (or more?) credibility and underlying research.

I just don’t get it in nyc, or other large US food-centric cities.

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I had to go back to look this up:
“Bib Gourmands, restaurants where the caliber of the food is high and a great meal can be enjoyed for less than $40 before tax and tip”

I think that’s true for many places on the list.

Excluding drinks, tax, and tip seems disingenuous to me (tax+tip for nyc is 30% on top even without drinks, so we’re already at $50+), but maybe those who follow the list are used to that…

It’s actually “two courses and a glass of wine (or dessert) for $40 or less.”

Which is not a problem at Dim Sum Go Go. But it would be tough here:

Haha, no then. Atoboy is still a bargain for what it is, but it wouldn’t fit their criteria :joy: