NYC astoria via ferry

we are a five min walk from the east 90th ferry, about a five min trip and walked another ten to vesta. started with generous charcuterie board, two homemade pasta and three glasses of wine, fantastic cooking, came in < $100 before tip. will definitely be back to vesta but also to explore the area around the ferry.



If I remember correctly, its a strange section of Astoria with just about no other restaurants around. I think its about another mile walk past Vesta to Steinway St, where restaurants are abundant. If you get that far, I think Butcher Bar is just short of Steinway & Mombar is about a block or two off 30th on Steinway & Ali’s Kabab Cafe just past that. Old memories of maybe 10 years ago, so factor that in.

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steve, yes, about 15 mins from vesta to butcher bar. but there are a number of other places to try in west astoria. if I ever get my wife on a citibike, opens up a lot more possibilities.

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