NY Times: How to Cook in Your Dorm Room, First Apartment and Beyond


You can make ramen really good, as I learned from a guy named Roy Choi, who is a Korean American chef in Los Angeles. He describes the ramen of his youth, which strikes me as what could make perfect dorm food.

You slip an egg into the prepared ramen, and it cooks in the heat. You can put American cheese on there and then it melts. It’s essentially oil, which has been whipped into a plastic form. When it melts it becomes this weird, stringy deliciousness. Sesame seeds, or the Japanese condiment furikake can go in there. Add in some cut scallions. You’ve just cooked. You’ve made something better than it was.

The secret that people don’t tell you in college when they’re still trying to make you believe that cooking is complicated is that there’s really only like 11 recipes in the whole world. Right?

CreditGeorge Wylesol

I know for a fact that back in my dorm room days, the dorm room foods are pretty much: either Maruchan Instant Ramen (like $1 for 6 packs or something) or dried pasta or Kraft Mac and Cheese. Sometime you have someone try to make grill cheese sandwich with a shirt iron and some aluminum foil.
Pretty much most of the dorm cookings involved dried flour products (like pasta and instant noodle) combined with boiling water.

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