NY Times: Cancer Risk of Grilling If you plan to grill often experts suggest taking some small steps to make a big difference in lowering your exposure to compounds that are tied to cancer.


## 1. Think outside the burger

Grill fish, seafood, poultry or plant-based foods rather than red meat and especially processed meats like hot dogs; the World Health Organization considers processed meats a carcinogen and red meat a probable carcinogen. While HCAs are still formed while grilling fish and seafood, Ms. Doyle pointed out that you typically don’t have to cook seafood as long as beef and chicken, which reduces the accumulation of the compounds.

## 2. Marinate first

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I live dangerously, looks like
Oh well, life’s short.
Gotta enjoy it.


The dreaded Paywall reared its ugly shield.

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Speculation, not proof:

“They have not been proven to cause cancer in people, but lab studies have shown they alter DNA in a way that could lead to cancer.”

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Thanks to naf, I got the chance to read the article.

My takeaway, do Dr Brockton and Ms Doyle turn down bar-b-que invites from their friends, family & neighbors?


Omg. Very useful information. I eat a lot of fast-food. I think i should stop it.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold