NY Times. A Holiday Feast, Cooked in the Cab of a Truck

Ms. Fakhoorian is ambitious with her in-truck cooking year-round, making spring rolls, stuffed peppers and tandoori chicken. Grocery shopping can be difficult for truckers because of parking, so she grows some of her own food. She sprouts mung beans in a drawer directly behind her driver’s seat, and used to hang a pot in the passenger window filled with basil, mint and chives. It was confiscated when she was going through customs on a drive back from Canada.

Space is limited in Ms. Gilles’s truck, but she said it has made her more creative with her portable induction cooktop and air fryer.Credit…Annie Mulligan for The New York Times


A Holiday Feast, Cooked in the Cab of a Truck https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/20/dining/truck-drivers-cooking-covid.html?unlocked_article_code=AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACEIPuonUktbfqohlSlUZAybZXN4mqBLBmeLSy795imX_MiWPUnNJyOMWAo6PvkzKe6tvIdsv2jDRDPlwDIgSft0ghOlOIx4qDACyvpqPnJlCKH4-89LuDmlz1sjBAPVlqGC1K2PgIbY6nODh507dbTHrW_fbwmRhcFg-2eZtcV6h23wNwK3XQKUiipQlg6BXVt0tTiwAZSKJo_HoFx5-XdyBZR3a4QE8MPpLDXCRxZXPruJdL3gBTA7OX3h94m0j6dtDOd9xPar3KxMoeMuWkqw9Ze6l62BwlxWDDcQRLK6X

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We have a close friend who decided during his mid-life crisis to train as a truck driver and he had quite the adventure for many years, and he also cooked for himself in his rig, but not as opulent as she does!!

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Fascinating - who knew? Not me! Thanks for posting the freebie link.

A road trip after Thanksgiving, traveling through several states had me astonished with all the trucks on the road! As well, I’ve never seen the truck stops so packed, nor the off ramps so full of trucks. Yet I’ve read about all the issues - maybe some parts of the country are affected more than others…?

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Thanks for initially posting this @zippo1

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Thanks for posting! Very interesting glimpse into the lives of the people doing this important work.

Delightful read, thank you! I am so impressed at the ingenuity and wish there were better pictures of their kitchen setups.

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Great read. And the picture of the trucker with her dog melted my heart.

P.S. I hope the industry takes note and makes working conditions more livable for truckers.