NY State Report on Mislabeled Fish in Supermarkets

NY State Attorney General has issued a report about mislabeled fish in NY State–the highest percentage being in NYC. Appendix A and B lists the stores that were found to be mislabeling. Most of these are chains (including Whole Foods and Wegmans.) Interestingly, places associated with high quality (Citarella, Lobster Place, etc) do not appear. Also doesn’t look like they went to ethnic neighborhoods (no mention of Chinatown, etc) so it seems they targeted large chains.

Here is the link: https://ag.ny.gov/sites/default/files/fishy_business.pdf

Interesting report. I generally eat whole fish so you know the species you are eating (excluding sword fish and tuna…for obvious reasons)

Isn’t escolar banned in ny?

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I’m pretty sure escolar is legal in the US but is banned in Japan and maybe Italy. I have never seen escolar for sale in NYC markets though…but then again, I never buy fish from supermarket chain stores…

Agree, you can check out the eyes and gills.