NY Restaurants to close - what are your local favorites doing to weather the storm?

I knew restaurants in NYC would have to close but now it looks like that will apply to the entire state. This is going to be devastating for small businesses. Have any of your favorite local spots started advertising takeout options, delivery, etc.? I know Bread & Brine in Hastings was planning to do takeout and delivery but it looks like they have reversed that decision and decided to close entirely (for the duration of the crisis, presumably) as of today.

I haven’t seen any but I hope so. Maybe its too soon as the closings were just announced. We were supposed to go out for my birthday on Friday and I just hope I can take out something good! Dave DiBari has announced that he will close all three of his restaurants and donate the perishables to charity. There are some places where I live that do a big take out business in addition to dine in, so I hope that will continue. And not just the pizza place.

Edited to say that 121 in North Salem will close but be open for take out from 12:30-8.

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Winston in Mt. Kisco is permanent closing. They just post on Instagram/

Wow - I thought people loved that place. I can’t say I’m surprise. To me the food was good, not great and it was very pricey for what it was. They made a really good margarita though.

We ate there a couple of times for restaurant week but not at regular price. As you said, they were pricey. I guess I should have been suspicious about their future when they did not reopen their rooftop when outdoor dining was permitted.

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Graziella’s in Mt. Kisco, has closed. They were the Northern sister to the one in White Plains and had just opened in late 2019. Too bad. It was a nice place.

Il Barolotto in Fishkill, a great Italian restaurant, has closed permanently. Sad loss.