NY Manhattan Chinatown: Dim Sum and Knives Suggestions

Yeah and it would be unseemly to honk.

Thanks. Can you explain why Sunday is better than Saturday? I guess that part is not so obvious to me. Thanks.

Just came back from Manhattan Chinatown. It was a very good trip. I went to Golden Unicorn, which I thought was good. The line was very long (30-40 min), but it was worth it. I had some street Cheung Fun and wonton from Noodle Village (粥麵軒). Both were great. Walked through the entire China back and forth probably twice – so tired.

I tried to hunt down some good Chinese knives, but either I couldn’t find them or they were too expensive.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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Glad you liked it!

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Yep. Love it. I would likely go back there a few more times. I should clarify that the street Cheung Fun I got is NOT from Noodle Village. I only got wonton from Noodle Village.

There is a store on Chrystie, close to Grand, that has Chinese knives in the window. I have no idea of the quality, but they look ok to me. And there is a parking garage a couple of doors down.

Coming from nj I always took PATH train from jersey city to WTC and walked from there or Weehawken ferry to midtown and caught their free shuttle downtown to Canal st. But it’s been a while so not sure what the latest details are. Instead of dimsum which I was not too impressed with, I always made a beeline for NY noodletown for baby pig, cold soy sauce chicken, salt baked flounder filet (not rock cod) or soft shell crab, pea leaves with duck, dumplings, etc.

Cool. That sounds like a good idea (except I know zero about PATH). What I did is that I took NJ Transit from NJ to Penn Station, and then took subway 1,2,3 from 34th Street Penn Station to Time Square 42nd Street, and then took N,Q,R from Time Square to Canal Street.

Well, the Dim Sum there may not be as good as some high end Dim Sum from Toronto or San Francisco, but in term of nearby availability, I thought Golden Unicorn Dim Sum is slightly better or plain better than those in New Jersey or Philadelphia. In my opinion, probably better than the ones I had from Flushing too (or I was simply in a great mood and everything taste better).

I will look into the PATH thing.

Joe’s Shanghai on Pell st was another option for xlb, but always crowded. New Green Bo for giant (grapefruit sized) steamed vegetable buns.

I was inquiring Chan Chi Kee knives. I must have stopped by 5 kitchen supply stores. Some don’t have any Chan Chi Kee. Some have, but not the ones I want. The only store which carries the ones I may buy was selling at $149, which is much more expensive than internet price. I still remember buying these knives 3-4 years ago at the Chan Chi Kee official store in Toronto, and they were around $70-80. I cannot believe the prices have increased 50-100% more now.

:slight_smile: I saw it. I walked by there, and yes, it looks slightly packed (not too bad). The really packed stores are the ice cream stores though. The Chinatown Ice Cream Factory and 10Below Ice Cream were very packed with long lines. :grinning:

The knives I saw on Chrystie weren’t from Chan Chi Kee, but they looked pretty good.
And for XLB I really like Shanghai Cafe at 100 Mott St.

I saw that one too. Shanghai Cafe looks much newer than Joe’s Shanghai. So many things to try, and so little time.

I know that shanghai cafe at 100 mott is a local favorite for xlb in chinatown, joe’s is a tourist magnet- i’ve heard mixed reviews about their xlb.

From Penn you can just take the 1 to Canal st, just puts you on the western edge.
Glad you enjoyed golden unicorn! Their turnover is so high that it’s super fresh just made when they’re busy. And something about the chaos and carts can be enjoyable.

Have you been to JB prince? Their knife selection is amazing, and the people who work there are legitimately knowledgeable and helpful

Really? Ha. I would so think the other way around just because Joe’s Shanghai’s exterior look is very humble, while Shanghai cafe has such a fancier look to it.

I will give that “1” subway another look. Initially, I thought “1” will put me too far west of the Chinatown (6-7 block west of Chinatown according to Google map), but then later I realized that the Chinatown territory drawn by Google is a little off.


For example, it claims Chinatown go as north as Hester Street and as south Henry Street. Yet, when I got there, I felt Chinatown is not quite as north as to Hester (didn’t see much considered Chinesetown there), while a little more south than Henry.

haven’t been to Joes Shanghai for several years now, but their xlb used to have a ton of soup inside, despite being a bit sloppy in construction compared to some places (e.g. Evergreen Shanghai on 38th)

Thanks. I was planning to try Joe’s this year, but I guess I’ll give them a miss. Do you happen to know anything about Shanghai Heping, which is right next door?

You’re going off the recommendation of someone who hasn’t even been there?

Not so fast! First of all, I’m not going yet. But I am interested in what food lovers think, even if it’s second-hand information.

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